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Jefferson Park, LA Highrise, SF Free Market

I must confess that I was fuming as I watched The Five on Monday, and these were the featured stories. If you want to understand what motivates Liberals, these stories will sum it up for you. A violent “peaceful protest” where an unarmed park ranger was assaulted and two stories where we are bending over to accommodate illegal migrants while ignoring homeless veterans and impoverished Americans were the topics for debate. Let’s break them down.

Lafayette Park is directly across the street from the White House and is known as a campground for protesters who show their disdain for the sitting President daily. This weekend, it was a mass of Pro-Palestine protesters who worked very hard to destroy the statue of Comte de Rochambeau, who came to America to help George Washington defeat the British troops. They covered the statues with anti-Israel and anti-Biden slogans. When an unarmed Park Ranger stood alone protecting the statue, he was pelted with signs, bottles, and verbal degrading. There were no police coming to his aid. This protest continued for hours, including a red ribbon surrounding the White House. No arrests were made for the destruction of property or the assault of the ranger. These protesters are a disgrace and hell-bent on destroying our history and country.

In Los Angeles, a highrise apartment complex is under construction. The 278-unit, 19-story tower will open in a matter of weeks and is meant to be a “self-contained environment that will insulate its formerly homeless residents from the squalor and hopelessness around them,” the Los Angeles Times reported. Los Angeles, like all of the large cities in California, has been overrun by the homeless for years with no resolution. This project comes with a price tag of $165 million in a state that is not only broke but also billions in debt. This highrise will have a gym and cafe, and once the migrants find their way in, why should they ever leave? This program is a slap in the face to everyone in LA who is living on the streets or check to check under pressure from Bidenomics and lousy liberal California policies.

The initiative in San Francisco is even more radical if you can believe it. San Francisco opened a city market Sunday where qualifying residents could receive their groceries for “free,” a program costing city taxpayers $5.5 million. The Food Empowerment Market aims to ease burdens for food stamp holders who may run out of resources toward the end of each month. Geoffrea Morris, who pushed the legislation through city government in 2021, argued that the market is “supplemental” and not meant to be the sole method of feeding people. The people who dream up these programs are not wired correctly. Prequalified individuals can come to the market, fill their cart, proceed to the checkout, and then take their groceries home free of charge.

That is free to the customer, but somebody has to absorb the cost. In this case, the people of San Francisco have absorbed the foolish decisions of the local government. That has become the biggest fault of the government; they spend money like it is their money. The government at all levels has lost the fact that their constituents and businesses fund every initiative, and no funds should be spent without consent. This country is broke, and cities, towns, states, and the federal government all operate on credit. That philosophy doesn’t work for households and is unsustainable for the government. The day of reckoning will come soon, and this country is not ready for the pain that day will bring.

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