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Is Tyler Cherry A Diversity Promotion Or A Joke

I do not want to write this article about the first impression I got when I saw a picture of Tyler Cherry, but it is hard not to. The White House is irate over the criticism of the current Interior Department assistant press secretary. Cherry is now associate communications director at the White House. Cherry took action today to sterilize his online social fingerprint by deleting 2,496 tweets between Sunday night and Monday morning. Cherry’s actions were a good try, but his controversial tweets were out there for years. If any of them were damaging, they are already archived into people’s accounts who will use these radical tweets against the newly promoted staffer.

Biden is obviously rewarding this lifelong homosexual with a promotion during Pride Month to prove how WOKE he is. Still, you would think he would realize his most diverse administration has been an abject failure. In three-plus years, his staff may resemble the American quilt, but they have accomplished little and might as well be more like a comfort blanket. We have a perfect example of identity, or DEI hires, instead of choices made on meritocracy. Biden has satisfied a minute segment of his radical left, but as usual, he has done a disservice to the people of America. I am sure that Biden would have found thousands of qualified and competent applicants if he had searched for someone to fill this role without his preconceived requirements.

With Cherry, we have much more than a gay white man. We have someone who has views that are very dangerous for America and should have disqualified him from the job. Among the thousands of tweets he erased were some that showed his pure angst for the police, “Apt time to recall that the modern day police system is a direct evolution of slave patrols and lynch mobs.” “Abolish ICE,” and “Cheersing in bars to ending the occupation of Palestine-no shame and f-your glares.” He may have deleted these from X, but they will live on forever, as some of his followers shared them. Maybe he should have tried Hillary’s special bleach.

Cherry is much more than pro-Gaza. He is totally anti-Israel and has promoted “Russiagate”. He downplays these thousands of tweets as reflections of his beliefs when he was younger and does not mirror his current views. That line may work in Biden’s Human Resource Department, but not on the streets of America..These tweets are who Tyler Cherry is, and for the White House to be proud to have him on the staff is another indication the administration is not operating in our best interest but in satisfying those of every fringe group imaginable. Biden is getting redundant, though. We already have an incompetent gay, white male with Pete Buttigieg and a feckless gay black female with Karine Jean-Pierre. We didn’t need to check these boxes again. He could have done something different and unique and hired someone who could actually do the job.

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