Cortez Said No To Amazon, Yes To “Market Of The Sweethearts”

Most American cities and towns are proud of their Open-Air or Farmer’s Markets. They block off city blocks, bring in local vendors and food tents with ethnic offerings and music, and organize these events as community gatherings and social events. They are a melting pot of humanity, with young and older people from every background mingling and sharing a piece of Americana. New York, specifically Queens, has its unique twist on the open-air market, and the residents are enraged that law enforcement cannot stop this Big Apple event. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has little, if anything, to say about this social event. Open-air brothels are the focal point of some Queens neighborhoods.

I will call Congresswoman Cortez, Sandy, as I refuse to use her preferred three-letter label. I will concede that Sandy has no direct impact on local happenings in her district, but she must speak out when her district is running amuck. Sandy prevented Amazon from building a distribution center in Queens that would have brought thousands of good-paying jobs because she did not understand tax breaks versus taxpayer loans. Sandy is an ignorant loudmouth who has done nothing for her home district. She will have primary competition in this year’s election and may have to return to shaking drinks.

The area of Corona in Queens has become overrun with illegal migrants who are doing whatever they can to make money to live. The streets are littered with clothes, household appliances, sneakers, and toys for sale. They are also the home of the largest open-air brothel in New York. Seven days a week, morning, noon, and night, young girls and older women display themselves on the city sidewalks, soliciting customers to pay them for sexual activity. Signs are on the buildings promoting the offerings of these prostitutes, and grammar school children are employed to hand out flyers and business cards promoting specific hookers.

Because of the police shortage, the court overloads, and the Liberal DA’s unwillingness to charge and prosecute sex trade offenses makes all of the activity possible. These DAs overlook the truth that many of these females are here against their will, part of a sex trafficking operation component of the illegal migration. With the girls and their Johns openly operating, the streets are not safe for law-abiding New Yorkers. This kind of local activity puts the ‘progress’ in Progressive for people in Congress like Sandy. She is not impacted by activity that would be a crime in every other corner of America because she lives safely in a gated D.C. community. Sandy and her Squad members are in office to destroy America. They despise America, its history, and the capitalism that made America a superpower and leader of innovation.

Whether it is Cortez in New York, Omar in Minnesota, or Tlaib in Michigan, their home districts have suffered during their terms. As people are waking up to what has happened in the last decade, you can sense a return to normalcy and a threat to the Democrat stranglehold these Leftist Reps have enjoyed. It is time to save America and reinvigorate our patriotism. Retiring Biden/ Harris will be included in this effort.

Content syndicated from Conservative View from New Hampshire with permission

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Ray Cardello

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