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National Popular Vote Interstate Compact Targets Republicans

The forefathers established the United States as a Republic of States and not a Democracy. This provision was to maintain the power of the states as opposed to losing it to the collective wishes of the country as a whole. They designed through the 14th Amendment that the election of a President would result from the elections held in all states and territories and not a popular vote. Each state is independent in assigning its electoral votes, which is equal to the number of Senators and Representatives. The Electoral College allows each state to have a proportionate say in who is elected President. The Left wants this system changed because the Electoral College creates an equal playing field. They prefer a popular vote because Democrat voters outnumber Republicans. In a popular vote scenario, the high population of Left-leaning regions would always elect the President. We would never see a Republican President under a National Popular Vote system.

In 2006, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact was born. This initiative was to join enough states that would change their method of assigning their Electoral votes to the person who got the most votes nationally and not the winner of its statewide election. So far, the initiative has been successful in sixteen states and the District of Columbia, representing 205 Electoral Votes. The issue is pending in eleven states with 101 Electoral Votes in the balance. The plan for the Compact is to trigger it when they have enough states signed on to hit the 270 vote mark, which is the votes needed to win the Presidency. It is evident by looking at the map of states already in the compact and those pending that they are all Left-leaning states, proving this initiative favors Democrat candidates.

Maine, which is becoming the Socialist model of the Northeast, is close to joining the Compact. On Wednesday, the Maine Senate voted 18-12 to join the Popular Vote Compact and pledge Maine’s four electoral votes to the overall popular vote winner. The Maine House narrowly passed the bill earlier this week. The bill now goes to Governor Mills, who has ten days to sign, veto, or neither, in which case the bill automatically becomes law. The Governor has not indicated her intentions.

This action by the Maine legislature is possible only because of the Democrat majority in Augusta. This action, along with numerous other actions in the last year, starkly contrasts the wishes of the Republicans and possibly the Independents of Maine. If Trump were to win the State of Maine Election, but Joe Biden wins the national Popular vote, the four electoral votes would be pledged to Joe Biden. The voice of the people of Maine would be suppressed.

What is happening in Maine works for the Socialist Democrats, who are concentrated in the state’s major cities. Should the pendulum swing, and it is moving, then the Democrats will have to live with their decisions that may then work in the favor of Republicans. One thing is clear after the last twelve months: Democrats have little concern about what is suitable for all of Maine but what will keep them in power.

Content syndicated from Conservative View from New Hampshire with permission

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