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Cease or Pause, Semantics Don’t Win Wars

We have not won a war since World War II, and the reason is politicians. People in office, especially those who never served – like Joe Biden – should do what is necessary to keep the world safe and conflict-free. Still, when there is a breakdown and peace is broken, politicians should get out of the way and let the military minds do what they do best – fight to win. After the Afghanistan debacle, which is still fresh in everyone’s mind, this administration has a lot of guts to tell Israel what it needs to do to reconcile the horrific assault by Hamas terrorists on October 7. This effort is especially true since we have done nothing to retaliate against Hamas for the Americans killed or taken hostage during the day of terror or against any of the Iranian puppets that have attacked our military positions thirty times in the last month.

Biden and his team had been pro-Israel for the first few weeks of the recent conflict, but their message has blurred this past week. First, they started pushing for a Humanitarian Pause in the fighting to allow supplies to reach civilians in Gaza and to allow anyone who wants to leave Gaza to exit safely. Biden has tried daily to differentiate between a pause and a cease-fire but to no avail. Nobody is buying his explanation. Some think Biden is acquiescing to the Radical Left Wing of the Party that has been pro-Hamas and urging a cease-fire. The Secretary of State has been to Israel twice to sell the idea, but as often happens with Blinken, he has come. up empty, and for good reason. A pause or cease-fire would be suicide for Israeli troops in Gaza. They may stop fighting, but Hamas will never. They will shoot Israelis like fish in a pond. Israel is smart enough to know a cease-fire is not going to happen until Hamas is destroyed and the hostages are freed.

Israel is fully capable of destroying Hamas to the South and fending off Hezbollah in Lebanon to the North. They do not need advice from the United States but military equipment, especially missiles for the Iron Dome intercept system. This system has been taxed for four weeks with a seemingly endless number of incoming rockets launched by Hamas from Gaza. However, Biden and Blinken are playing a political game. They are seeing the pro-Hamas and Palestinian support around the world and on major college campuses around America. He is feeling the pressure of falling approval numbers and seeing his chance of re-election slipping away. Another example of proof of politics influencing the Biden Camp is the post on X by Kamala Harris this week. When the free world is looking for America to support Israel unconditionally, our Vice President launches a new program to fight against anti-Islam sentiment. When the world is on fire with anti-Semitic rhetoric, the Biden Administration goes to war against anti-Islam hate speech. Can you be more on the wrong page? Why should we expect less from a President who has been on the wrong side of foreign policy for fifty years?

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Ray Cardello

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