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Palestinian Protestors Need To Stop And Rethink Their Cause

I am aghast at the number and size of protests or demonstrations supporting Palestine and Hamas. There are so many layers to this conflict between Israel and Hamas terrorists, and nobody wants to see innocent residents of Israel or Gaza injured or killed as collateral damage of a vicious war. But one needs to look objectively at who and how this battle started and which side you should support. This battle is not between Israel and Palestine but between Israel and the radical group Hamas, which calls Gaza its home. You can stand with the Palestinian people, but if you also support Hamas, you are on the wrong side of this duel.

Bill Maher, who has always leaned Left, has become one of the more moderate voices and calls out the Left for their protests. He points out that the protestors are the minority but says forcefully that “their moral compass is broken.” He goes on to say this movement emanates from the country’s elite schools. They are the mouth of the river through which this vile speech flows.

These protestors march through the streets, waving the Palestine flag and screaming “Intifada,” which simply means shaking off or uprising. It sounds ominous but falls short, and I guarantee most yelling the word have no idea of its meaning. They are sheep happy to be part of a movement. Unfortunately, it is a movement that chooses to ignore the atrocities committed against the innocent people of Israel by the Hamas terrorists. Beheadings of children, rape of women, burning of the elderly, and the taking of hostages to use as human shields. The protestors deny these things happened, claiming they are fabrications of a corrupt Israeli government. These are the same people who deny the holocaust. They are indoctrinated fools. Thousands of Israelis died or were traumatized for life, and these pampered, ignorant protestors called out Israel for shutting off water and electricity to Gaza until the hostages are released.

These protestors take to our streets to protest what they call are human rights violations committed by Israel, but they ignore the humanitarian disaster created at our Southern Border by the Biden Administration. Babies are dying, women are raped, children are taken for the sex trade and illegal labor market, and these people ignore it all. They only see what they are told to see. I’ll say it again. These people are sheep, easily led by people willing to feed them a fake narrative.

The media is just as guilty as these protestors. They refuse to call out Hamas as terrorists, instead glorifying them as militants. CNN and MSNBC are showing their true colors with their coverage of the conflict. Jonathan Greenblatt, the National Director and CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, called out CNN for its reckless, biased coverage of the conflict and the damage they were doing to the news industry. He did this on the air while being interviewed live on CNN.

Biden gave time for a softball interview with 60 Minutes on CBS, where he goes for any favorable air time. He refused to claim Iran was behind the Hamas terror attack, which is nothing short of ignorant. Scott Pelley also asked the President about Israel occupying Gaza to which the President said he thought it would be a mistake. Israel has gone on the record numerous times, and they have no intention of occupying Gaza.

Finally, the Right is not in favor of canceling anyone, but when a nightclub in New York City hosts a pro-Hamas Rave, they have gone past any First Amendment rights and deserve to be boycotted and forced out of business. Businesses and people alike need to think twice before they sign a petition or go on the record in support of Hamas or Hezbollah needs to think their actions through before they act.

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