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Mayorkas Is The Illegal Alien Union Boss

Alejandro Mayorkas is supposed to be our Secretary of Homeland Security. By his title, you would think his job might be to keep illegal aliens out of our country, but not the inept Secretary. He is now offering the six million illegals who have crossed our borders during the Biden Presidency a work permit. By their title, these people are in our country under illegal terms, but Mayorkas has told them to come on in, he would give them work permits, and the kicker assured them he would find them a job. Our Homeland Security Department is now a job placement agency for law-breaking non-citizens who should not have been allowed into the United States. Sometimes, I feel like a fiction writer, but you cannot make this stuff up.

Now, I cannot call these people asylum seekers; if they were, they would have applied for asylum in the first country they entered when they left their homeland. They did not because these people are not oppressed or threatened in the over 150 countries they have come from. They want to come to America, and a bogus asylum claim is their ticket. Biden, Harris, and Mayorkas are just the ticket-takers at what used to be our Southern Border.

There are currently six million Americans and hundreds of thousands of people who have given up and fallen off the list of unemployed. Mayorkas has not promised to place any of these Americans in paying jobs, but he has the illegals. These illegals have registered with that government to seek asylum. The backlog for these people to have a hearing is now three years. These people will be floating around the country, but now with a paying job, for years before they know if they can stay or be returned to their homeland. Does anyone think for a minute that any of these people will be deported? Of course not. They are now permanent inhabitants of America and overloading our social services, housing, and schools. They will drive down the wages of low-skilled labor and compete with Americans for a job. They will have the advantage here because they are proud customers of the Mayorkas Employment Agency. This insanity needs to stop.

The debacle situation at our Border is impacting every state in our union, and even Blue states are criticizing Joe Biden’s flawed immigration process. New York Mayor Adams is throwing his fury at the “Madman Governor” of Texas but is furious at Joe Biden. On Thursday, he falsely claimed he had turned the city around in his short term, but the influx of illegals is destroying his city. He says the city has been taking in over 10,000 illegals per month, and 21,000 non-English speaking students showed up at New York schools this week. Washington (Biden) is telling New York it is the teacher’s responsibility to bridge the language gap.

This action by Mayorkas will be tested in the courts, but he has all but assured his impeachment. He may be out of office before he ever has to place an illegal alien in their new job at McDonalds or Burger King.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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