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Gun Control And Global Warming: Two Hand-In-Glove, Far-Left Democrat Corruptions

Neither gun violence nor the lie of global warming are based on anything but political, far-left politicization of something that Democrats believe they can push, in order to get votes from gullible, frightened people, to keep themselves in power.

A gun, which is an inanimate object with no life of its own, can rest in a drawer for decades or can be used by its owner for target practice or hunting, and never harm or threaten a single person. But put that gun in the hand of an evil person and it can kill. But Democrats see the gun as being the cause of death, and not the trigger finger of the killer. What Democrats intentionally miss when labeling Republicans as the enablers of death when they oppose nonsense and impractical gun control laws, is that most killings by firearm are committed by Democrats.

The daily, massive gun deaths in Chicago are almost exclusively young black men killing each other, and these individuals are definitely not Republicans. None of the school shootings we’ve seen lately were done by MAGA-hat-wearing conservatives, and the Nashville Christian school shooting was done by a trans person. But the Nashville police, under strict political pressure from the radical left, have never released the writings of the young woman who pulled the trigger on the teacher and children, so we’re intentionally kept ignorant of the thinking and reason behind the killings. But again, she was not wearing a MAGA cap.

Temperatures have swung wildly from hot to cold many times during the lengthy existence of the earth, but when Democrats see some political gain to be had from seasonal temperature change, that’s all the evidence they need in order to prove to their satisfaction that global warming threatens the earth and all persons on it.

America is surrounded by, and populated by, absolute, lying scoundrels in the Democrat party who must be defeated in all future elections. They do not have the welfare of American citizens in mind, nor do they claim allegiance to our constitution.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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