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Groups That Spent Years Calling White Americans Racist Are Now Crawling Back For Their Votes

A new Democrat-aligned group is now attempting to acquire white American votes by doubling down on talk of equity and race, according to Politico.

Then-presidential candidate Donald Trump carried the non-college white vote 64-28 in 2016, although President Joe Biden improved that number for Democrats in 2020, carrying 36% of the non-college white vote, according to Pew Research. The White Stripe Project, a Democratic initiative, calls for a more targeted method of going after white voters by embracing racial equity and activating white non-voters.

“White voters have disproportionate political power,” said Erin Heaney, executive director of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), according to Politico.

“We know that race is an incredibly powerful tool to keep people, white people, silent and separated from the multiracial coalitions we need to win,” Heaney said.

Democrats have called for a racial reckoning after the killing of George Floyd and have shifted their messaging toward race, with multiple 2020 Democratic presidential candidates saying white supremacy is a prominent issue in the country.

“White supremacy … is the single most dangerous terrorist threat in our homeland,” Biden said at Howard University in May, according to Politico.

“White supremacy is deeply ingrained in our culture and in white people.” Heaney said in November 2022.

“There are plenty of white working people who have supported Trump, MAGA candidates and straight up white supremacy,” she wrote in a November 2022 tweet.

Steve Phillips, a Democratic political analyst and author and President of the Sandler Phillips Center (SPC), doesn’t think race-centered messaging should be left behind for more race-neutral messaging, according to Politico.

Democratic National Committee officials said that despite recent stops in majority-white districts for Biden, there is no plan to stop discussing “racial equity,” according to Politico.

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