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Biden Asserted Executive Privilege To Block Release Of Hundreds Of Emails Involving Hunter’s Business And VP’s Office


The White House cited executive privilege in withholding hundreds of emails relating to Hunter Biden’s business dealings and then-Vice President Joe Biden requested by America First Legal (AFL), according to records requests returned to the legal firm.

AFL released three batches of emails Wednesday that the National Archives provided in response to its August 2022 records request, which included over 1,000 emails between Hunter Biden’s consulting firm Rosemont Seneca and the Office of Vice President. Among others withheld by the White House, 200 emails were kept back because they “would disclose confidential advice between the President and his advisors, or between such advisors,” according to letters from the National Archives.

President Joe Biden has previously claimed that he never spoke with his son about his business dealings overseas.

As a candidate, Biden stated on August 28, 2019, that there would be “an absolute wall between the personal and private, and the government” during his presidency, stating that was “the same thing” he did as vice president.

“I have never discussed with my son, or my brother, or anyone else, anything having to do with their businesses, period,” he said.

The emails obtained by AFL also revealed Hunter Biden was involved in planning multiple White House events, including the January 2011 China State Luncheon. Email messages including the name “Rosemont Seneca” included “January 2011 guest lists for the China State Luncheon event held on January 19, 2011,” according to a document released to AFL.

Hunter Biden’s former business partner Devin Archer told the House Oversight Committee in July that he heard Hunter talk to his father about his business deals “more than 20 times.”

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