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Patiently Waiting For Things To Come Around

Today’s article is a personal milestone for Conservative View. It marks my 1,000th published opinion piece and consecutive day of writing. I have tried to be objective and always truthful in my work, but as the name says, I am Conservative and will always judge happenings with my Conservative values. I am also an optimist, and watching America spiral downward under the guidance of Joe Biden has been incredibly challenging. I patiently wait for us to reverse course and get this great country back on track, but that will not happen if America gives Joe Biden four more years to finish the job. If that happens, we may pull down the Stars and Stripes when I write my 2,000th post. America has to wake up and let the adults lead the way out of this quagmire.

What will a Republican administration look like on January 20, 2025? The first thing that must be done before the Bible is put away is to close the Southern Border. Not slow the pace, but shut it down until we can get troops in place to assist Border Patrol in restoring a secure border and processing immigrants only through official ports of entry. We next need to account for the five million illegals that entered and spread throughout America thanks to Joe Biden. They need to be vetted and their asylum claims reviewed. If they entered wrongly, then they must be deported. A plan must be generated to deal with the migration of people from Central America. Please stop talking about immigration reform and get it done.

We need to take the lead on a diplomatic end to the war in Ukraine. Biden has been satisfied with sending billions of our dollars and munitions but little talk about diplomacy. There is no accountability for the money and no training for the arms. This war can go on for decades the way it is today, but Putin will, at some point, dip into his nuclear inventory. He cannot lose this war and will go all out to win. The world cannot wait for this madman to win or Push the red button. We do not need Yellen and Weingarten going to Ukraine for photo ops. We need a bargaining table.

Biden told the world last week how dire our supply of military arms has sunk. We are short on everything from shells to missiles; estimates are 18 to 20 years to return to peacetime levels. How we got here is insignificant, but the fact that we have not reacted sooner is inconceivable. To tell the world is far beyond a simple gaffe. How can we think of sending a single shell to Ukraine when we cannot defend ourselves? Our strength at sea against China is gone, and we must get our military ready to protect us. We do not need a military that can march in a Pride Parade. We need one that can march to victory.

Our children need to be our priority. Efforts to transgender adolescents and minors have to stop. We must let children grow with confidence and not self-doubt about their identity. We must educate them, dismantle the Department of Education, and neutralize the too-powerful teacher’s unions. DEI, ESG, LGBTQ, BLM, and any other alphabet soup besides ABC must be irradicated from the curriculum.

The War on Drugs must be rekindled. Not only Fentanyl, which kills 100,000 of our young people yearly but the opioids that are addicting our population and the Marijuana stores that are more prevalent than 7-11s need to be our focus. We wonder why we have a worker shortage when we have a population that would rather be high or homeless and a country that sees abortions as more important than healthy families. We have a younger generation that finds it easier to steal what they need than work for it, and we haven’t even taught them to read and write.

Before we close out the first day, we need to end cashless bail and give authority back to the police and power to the DAs to prosecute. A lawless society is anarchy. We reward the criminals and penalize the victims. Crime can no longer be a career option. Our big cities need to be places people want to visit, not avoid because of fear.

Finally, some personal notes to mark my 1,000th post. Thanks to Conservative Daily News and USSA News, which have supported my work since day one. Kudos to The Granite Grok and their devoted readers who share such wonderful comments daily. Creating conversation was my goal when I started writing, and the folks on GroK are the best. And to Howard Polskin, my favorite person on the other side of the aisle. His daily support of my writing on The Righting is so gratifying. Howard shows that talking to, and not at, each other is still possible.

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Ray Cardello

As a lifelong Conservative and resident of New Hampshire, Ray Cardello is positioned to speak with common sense about the happenings of the nation and the region. Conservative View from New Hampshire is Ray’s second blog and podcast effort in 20 years. He has published over 1,000 articles since January 2021, is syndicated on 15 websites, and is published on over 65 sites. Ray is passionate about his writing and sees the Internet as the only way for Conservatives to compete with the mainstream media. Ray claims there will be much to discuss as we move forward and his blog will not focus strictly on Washington but will also delve into State and Local issues as well. There is so much going on and so little factual sources of information to rely on.

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