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How Can Democrats Pretend To Support Constitutional Government While Supporting Hitlerian-Style Rule?

With all of the critical investigative work done recently by the House Republicans, investigations that have uncovered records of hidden financial transactions with foreign governments that prove that the Biden family profited from selling influence in United States government dealings with those governments, how can Democrats not drop all of the outraged pretense of opposition to these investigations, and turn against the Biden crime family?

How can leftist, Democrat politicians who pretend to support free speech and tolerance for minority opinion, maneuver to shut up RFK Jr. during a congressional hearing on the subject of tolerance and free speech, by making a proposal during the televised hearings to force a halt to Kennedy’s statements while the cameras broadcast live to the nation? Not only was a proposal made to silence him, but Democrat members of the panel repeatedly spoke-over Mr. Kennedy as he was trying to make the point that previous derogatory statements about his former statements, made by Democrats, were lies.

How can Democrats, while in an official House of Representatives hearing about corruption in government, waste valuable time speaking about totally irrelevant and unrelated subjects, many of which statements were simply mad-mouth opinions about Donald Trump, who has already overcome two impeachments and numerous legal proceedings made by this same gang of Democrat politicians.

How can democratically elected government officials ignore obvious legal moves by far-left, Biden DOJ radicals simply trying to place Trump in prison so he can’t run against them in 2024?

This all sounds like people who want no political opposition to their corrupt rule, and who will gladly punish their political opponents with imprisonment, thereby not allowing voters to select the president of our nation.

But even more concerning and dangerous to the future of liberty in America is the silence coming from the main stream electronic and print press about the obvious moral and criminal problems of the Biden family, when each and every imagined offense of Trump gets above-the-fold, “bombshell” coverage every day. The leftist press is destroying this nation, because it‘s refusing its constitutional duty to inform American citizens of current events.

Today’s Democrats are insane with the thought of losing the White House to Donald Trump a second time, and they are exploding with anger that the House Republicans are exposing their lies and filthy tricks for all Americans to see.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Maybe we’ll finally dig deep enough to destroy the deep state and cause leftists around the country to stroke out. Self-inflicted… now THAT would be great.

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