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‘We’re Affirming That They Should Hate Themselves’: Doctor Says Support For Gender Transitions Drives Youth Suicides


A physician at a children’s hospital that offers cross-sex medical procedures to minors anonymously shared his concerns that the practice was driving children to suicide in an interview with Christopher Rufo for City Journal, a publication of the Manhattan Institute.

The three core tenets of the theory behind medical gender transitions are that patients truly are whichever sex they say they are, that doctors should automatically affirm patients’ gender identity and that patients are more likely to commit suicide if they do not receive cross-sex medical interventions, according to the doctor. Other doctors have previously said the transgender suicide rate is exaggerated and warned that frequent references to transgender suicides by doctors and activists actually exacerbate suicide risk in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“In reality, when you ‘affirm’ these individuals’ gender identity, what you are doing is affirming their hatred for themselves. You have these children who are going through confusing times, difficult times; when you affirm this belief system, what you’re really doing is telling them: ‘You hate yourself at this moment, and I will affirm that,’” he told City Journal.

“We have to ask ourselves, why do these people have such high rates of suicide? Because we’re affirming that they should hate themselves and that they should try to destroy themselves,” he said.

The threat of suicide is used to justify biomedical interventions for young patients who believe they are transgender, including puberty blockers at age 11, hormones at 13 and mastectomies before patients turn 18, the doctor told City Journal.

“The threat of suicide removes any of the guardrails for what we must do to affirm that individual’s identity,” he told the outlet.

The doctor compared child sex changes to human sacrifices, suggesting doctors expressed their devotion to transgender ideology by destroying innocent children.

“What becomes the greatest expression of faith to other believers? To sacrifice the most pure and innocent. Once they do that, they become heroes. They become martyrs. They have their flag hung up at the White House,” he said. “And there’s no going back, because if they were to demonstrate any degree of humility, they would have to come to terms with the fact that they advocated for and participated in a practice that destroyed the lives of innocent children.”

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One Comment

  1. To promote gender confusion among young children is purposeful child abuse by the Democrats. Here’s the truth about gender dysphoria in children from a professor of child psychology: “Kaltiala has studied gender ideology since 2011, even meeting the vast majority of patients that are admitted to another clinic. According to the professor, four out of five children who identify as the opposite sex will grow out of it”. “As well, three out of four patients also have serious mental health problems”, according to the professor. “Additionally the number of children exhibiting this dysphoria has grown tenfold since 2015 and, more likely, since liberals and the government has been encouraging it.”
    She went on to say that the idea that children, whose brains are not yet fully developed, can elect to “choose” their gender is a myth and dangerous “disinformation” and those that are allowed to proceed often later regret it and may even commit suicide.

    But it goes way beyond sexualizing children and Transgenderism; it’s all Marxist based ideology designed to destroy faith and family and, ultimately, to destroy western civilization. There’s all the other leftist indoctrination such as “toxic masculinity” and teaching boys and girls that they can grow up to be any pronoun they want; except for a man or a woman. And let’s not forget CRT that teaches that if you are white, then you should cower and be ashamed and if you are black you can’t succeed because of “systemic racism” and you have the right to be a perpetual victim. Is it any wonder that kids are confused, alienated, depressed, abusing drugs and committing suicide at record levels? It’s all horribly disgusting and people need to recognize that it’s all part of a bigger plan to turn us into a secular Socialist, totalitarian state ruled by Democrats in perpetuity. A state of just two classes; the rich Democratic politicians in collusion with the big business oligarchs and the poor masses that will own nothing. Just like Venezuela, now Brazil and every other Socialist/Communist state in history.

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