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From Hooverville To BidenVille, And From American Sovereignty To National Occupation And Poverty

It’s almost become a joke what liars the national, leftist news agencies and news channels are, and what they don’t directly lie about, they lie indirectly and silently by not reporting on leftist Democrat failures and terrible policies that harm the nation.

Our big-time media have no problems mentioning Hooverville so as to criticize a past Republican president, but they’ll never put a similar tag of Bidenville on the homeless, criminal problem plaguing Democrat-run cities that is solely the fault of Joseph Biden and his economy-destroying edicts. Also not blamed or even mentioned when discussing Democrat policies are the Democrat governors and mayors who are burdening us with rampant crime and an absolute invasion of poor people illegally crossing our borders, people who have no business being here, but are encouraged by leftist policy that in effect, gives them the moral right to be here and be weakening our cities with non-Americans.

At least we had a national state of economic depression, a stock market crash and a series of banking failures to blame for the Hoovervilles that existed in the 1930s, but we have only one person, Joseph Biden and his Democrat party, to blame for the chaos, out-of-control crimes and homelessness that we are seeing in our mainly Democrat-run cities, like San Francisco, Chicago, New York and other blue cities.

As America’s Democrat-run cities are torn apart by the corrupt policies of the Biden administration, and as China makes itself ready to end America’s great run of prosperity, liberty and self-rule, Joey Biden swaggers (and too often staggers) like a big shot, but doesn’t even know what day it is nor what speaking event he is told to attend.

Meanwhile, Biden’s thoughtless policies allow millions of illegal aliens to make a bad societal situation worse, with unknown criminals and terrorists entering our country to establish Mexican drug cartel beachheads in American cities, from which to wage war on this great nation, from within our own borders.

Thanks, Joey.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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