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‘Bear The Brunt’: Dems Rip Biden’s Plan To Handle Migrant Surge After Trump-Era Border Policy’s End

Several Democrats are lashing out against the Biden administration for not preparing sufficiently for a migrant surge expected when the Trump-era border order Title 42 ends May 11.

Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs and Democratic Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego criticized the Biden administration for not doing enough to prepare for the migration wave when Title 42 ends. The Biden administration has put forward a plan it hopes will address the surge that consists of erecting migrant processing facilities in Latin America and increasing legal pathways to entry.

Hobbs said Friday that her state is prepping for the expected migrant influx “largely without support from the federal government,” according to The Washington Post.

Gallego, who is running for Senate, sent four letters to the Biden administration Thursday calling for more resources for his state and better communication.

“While the specific needs and requests of each border community varied, one similarity was clear: the administration has not done enough to meet their needs, and these local officials require additional resources, personnel, and funds to ensure our border stays secure and that the processing of asylum seekers is done in a humanitarian way,” Gallego said in a statement regarding the inquiries.

Federal authorities along the U.S.-Mexico border are already seeing an influx of migrants. Arizona’s Yuma sector, for example, was at 213% capacity as of Monday morning, according to an internal Border Patrol document obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, who recently left the Democratic Party to become an Independent, also criticized the federal government for failing to adequately prepare for the sunset of Title 42.

“The Biden administration had two years to prepare for this and did not do so, and our state is going to bear the brunt,” Sinema told CBS News host Margaret Brennan Sunday.

President Joe Biden has also received backlash from members of his own party for his recent decision to deploy 1,500 troops to the southern border.

“The Biden administration’s militarization of the border is unacceptable. There is already a humanitarian crisis in the western hemisphere, and deploying military personnel only signals that migrants are a threat that require our nation’s troops to contain. Nothing could be further from the truth,” Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez said in a statement Tuesday.

“The Administration has had over two years to plan for the eventual end of this Trump-era policy in a way that does not compromise our values as a country. I have offered them a strategic and comprehensive plan, which they have ignored. Trying to score political points or intimidate migrants by sending military to the border caters to the Republican party’s xenophobic attacks on our asylum system,” he said.

Democratic New York Rep. Nydia Velazquez echoed Menendez’s sentiments.

“Further militarization of our southern border will do nothing to address the root causes of migration and only hurt migrants. We need real immigration reform,” Velazquez wrote on Twitter Wednesday.

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