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RFK Jr. Says ‘Mega-Billionaires’ Are Using Climate Change To Usher In ‘Totalitarian Controls’ On Society

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said Friday that “mega-billionaires” like Bill Gates are using climate change to implement “totalitarian controls on society.”

“Climate issues and pollution issues are being exploited by, you know, the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates and all of these big, you know, mega-billionaires, the same way that COVID was exploited, to use it as an excuse to clamp down, top-down totalitarian controls on society,” Kennedy told Talk show host Kim Iversen.

The World Economic Forum took place in January, with many world leaders and top business executives arriving at Davos, Switzerland, for panel discussions and speeches. Speakers at Davos have touted cities where people didn’t need cars, claimed the world did not need “growth or development,” called for censorship and demanded commitments from government and business to achieve “net-zero” carbon emissions.

“They’ve given climate chaos a bad name, you know, because people now see that it’s just another crisis that’s being used to strip mine the wealth of the poor and to, you know, to enrich billionaires and I for 40 years, have had the same policy on climate and engineering, you can go check my speeches from the 1980s and I’ve said, the most important solution for environmental issues, not top down controls is free market capitalism,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to launch his bid for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president in the 2024 campaign April 5, joining writer Marianne Williamson.

“What we have in this country now is not free market capitalism it’s corporate crony capitalism. It’s capitalist, it’s cushy kind of socialism for the rich and a brutal, barbaric, merciless capitalism for the poor,” Kennedy said.

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