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‘I Can Tell You Who It Wasn’t’: Trump Hints That US Blew Up Nord Stream Pipeline

Former President Donald Trump appeared to hint that the United States was responsible for blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline during an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“I don’t want to get our country in trouble so I won’t answer it, but I can tell you who it wasn’t, it wasn’t Russia,” Trump told Carlson, a co-founder of the Daily Caller News Foundation, in an exchange that aired Wednesday. “How about when they blamed Russia – they said Russia blew up their own pipeline. You got a kick out of that one too. It wasn’t Russia.”

The Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines were reportedly sabotaged in September 2022, after Swedish authorities detected multiple leaks in the Baltic Sea. The completion of the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline was opposed by the Trump administration, which imposed sanctions that were later lifted by President Joe Biden over the objections of some advisers.

“I won’t answer the question because I don’t want to get our country any deeper than they already are,” Trump continued. “We have the most incredible equipment, I rebuilt our whole military. We have things that – you can do anything. We are equipped to do anything but I refuse to say it because I want our country to be pristine.”

Trump ripped the Biden administration over its handling of foreign policy, accusing it of making “World War III” more likely.

“I think it’s much more than infrastructure you’re talking about. We could end up in World War III over this whole thing, forget about pipelines,” Trump told Carlson. “I believe it’s the most dangerous period of time in history because we have people on top that are incompetent. Again, China is fine if you know how to deal, Russia if you know how to deal, Russia wasn’t going into Ukraine, China wasn’t going to Taiwan with me.”

“We have an incompetent person at the top,” Trump said.

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