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Gavin Newsom Tries To Comfort Florida College Students Outraged At DeSantis Takeover

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom attempted to comfort Florida students of a college transformed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ conservative appointments during a recent visit to the Sunshine State on Wednesday, the Sarasota Herald Tribune reported.

Newsom met with nearly two dozen New College of Florida (NCF) students and faculty near the campus to speak against DeSantis’ policies which have largely targeted higher education and put the small, liberal arts school in the spotlight, the Herald Tribune reported. DeSantis appointed six conservative members to the board of trustees in January who, soon after, terminated the college president, voted to ax a college department dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion and prohibited diversity statements.

“I want you to know you’re not alone, you matter, we care,” Newsom told students, according to the Herald Tribune.

He said that DeSantis has a “zest for demonization and othering people” and has threatened progress made toward “voting rights, on civil rights, LGBTQ rights, abortion rights [and] contraceptive rights,” the Herald Tribune reported. He told the students that while DeSantis has an “us vs. them mentality” and has been “bullying and intimidating vulnerable communities,” the students are “on the right side of history” and have a “moral authority.”

His visit was part of his current tour through red states to tout Democratic candidates and oppose governors he says are “authoritarian leaders,” NBC Bay Area reported. He began his Campaign for Democracy political action committee using $10 million in leftover funding from his 2022 gubernatorial campaign, during which he secured reelection over Republican candidate Brian Dahle.

The Democratic governor specifically targeted Republican Govs. Sarah Huckabee Sanders of Arkansas, Greg Abbott of Texas and DeSantis in a video announcing the committee, according to NBC Bay Area. He cited book bans and policies aimed toward transgender minors.

“What’s happening in those red states?” Newsom asked, according to NCA Bay Area. “That’s not who we are. It’s un-American. It’s un-democratic.”

Bryan Griffin, DeSantis’ press secretary, told the Daily Caller News Foundation that Newsom’s visit was a “stunt.”

“Governor DeSantis is focused on getting Florida’s public institutions of higher learning refocused on academics and truth. Stunts from political opponents don’t matter and have no effect,” he said. “Also, it’s interesting that the state of California has banned its employees from visiting Florida, but Governor Newsom traveled here anyways for his stunt. He seems to exhibit a pattern of behavior like this.”

Newsom and NCF did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

This article has been updated with comment from Ron DeSantis’ press secretary Bryan Griffin.

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  1. That POS should be arrested for inciting a disturbance! He can’t even run his own state and he comes to another to cause problems. That arrogant walking waste of oxygen should stay in his own lane and get back to Beijing where he is the so called Governor. He probably spends more time in front of the mirror in the morning than his wife does! What a punk. If I was DeSantis I would have grounded his aircraft and found something wrong with it and had someone put about fifty pounds of cocaine in the cargo hold and charge Newsome with felony!

  2. Newsom is not very well mannered – he goes to another state to bash that state’s governor??? What a buttinsky. He’s done a destructive job in his own state so he should stay there and try to mend it instead of making a pain in the butt of himself elsewhere.

  3. Let’s not dance around it and call it out directly – it isn’t just Newsom the problem here its mainly a very racist BLACK America pushing a very racist black supremacism and socialism that is influencing the behavior of these DAs and of the Democratic Party today – people don’t be afraid of this culture that all it does is bring constant negativity to the country. call it out and fight back against this abuse.

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