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E.V. OSMENT: Victims Of The Left’s Pro-Abortion Policies Deserve Justice



Nestled in the heart of Washington, D.C., a stone’s throw away from the White House and the State Department, stands an unassuming high-rise. This building is home to a facility called the Washington Surgi-Clinic.

To just hear the name, you’d think it was a place to have your tonsils removed or maybe even your gallbladder. But you would be fatally wrong. Exactly one year ago, no one was prepared for what would happen and subsequently, come out of this facility.

The labelling on the box suggested that it was destined for the “Curtis Bay Medical Waste Center.” Undoubtedly just yesterday’s trash of medical waste needing to be disposed. Or was it? In a plot more suited for the movie “Se7en” than everyday life, a terrifying revelation was about to unfold from inside that box.

Alerted by a whistleblower, members of the group Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) intercepted the box.

They carefully opened it and to their horror saw the remains of 110  aborted  first trimester babies and the mangled bodies of five late-term babies.

What aggrieved the whistleblower and members of PAAU is that these were potential victims of illegal partial birth abortion or born alive abortions. One poor child was still completely encapsulated in their amniotic sac, un-prodded, but left to drown on their own fluid outside the womb.

This box now served as coffin and hearse, headed to be incinerated and forgotten forever.

Immediately, there were national cries to investigate the dangerous practices of the Washington Surgi-Clinic and its abortionist, Dr. Cesare Santangelo.

What made matters even more suspicious was that through his own admission, caught on video , the doctor, without impunity said, if an abortion resulted in a live birth, “we would not help it,” appearing to break the law.

But despite the massive national outcry and a supposed investigation from D.C. authorities — it is now one year later, and we still have no answers, no convictions and no autopsies. But we all have grave reason to be concerned.

Santangelo is the subject of two open lawsuits for botched abortions, one woman died when fetal debris entered her bloodstream and lodged in her lungs. And still, no investigation for the D.C Five babies — no accountability.

Until — finally — last week at a congressional committee hearing on crime in D.C., a newer member of the House, Rep. Luna, amassed courage and confronted D.C. authorities with photos and facts about the D.C. Five. Demanding that Santangelo’s medical license be revoked, she forced her fellow lawmakers to confront the horrific images of the five aborted babies, and to witness the reality of their extreme abortion agendas firsthand.

She was met with stutters and stammers of “I don’t know” from the D.C Council and “you’re wasting our time” from Democrat representatives.

But the American people do not think this is a waste of time. Such reckless abortion policies are repulsive to the American public, with 10% of Americans support allowing abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. Despite that, D.C. has zero limits on abortion and Dems tout abortion up to birth. 

Ultimately, this is about justice for the children found in the box. D.C. authorities have said there is an investigation but offer no information, refuse autopsies and according to Rep. Luna even refuse FOIA requests from journalists.

What are they trying to hide, what are they spending their time on?

One thing is for sure, they have no problem arresting pro-lifers outside of Planned Parenthood, in the instance of two individuals who we wrote in chalk on the sidewalk, “Black Pre-Born Lives Matters.” The swiftness with which this was carried out would make your head spin.

But the sad truth is, it’s in their interest to not be transparent about the D.C. Five because they are captured by the Democrat party and the abortion industry. With over 90% of D.C. being Democrat, the expectation for a fair and balanced investigation is sadly tough.

And the story of the D.C. Five flies in the face of their ideological and partisan capture. If an investigation is never concluded, then this potential crime never happened, right?

That is why we’re calling on the D.C. Council to rise above. Release the information, release the autopsies, tell us what you know.

Unfortunately, the very same D.C. politicians that pretend to champion women and human rights are silent as mangled victims of their limitless abortion polices are thrust before their very eyes. The speak no, hear no and see no evil approach is being fully deployed weaponized against our most vulnerable members of society.

The D.C. Five may have been unwanted but they are not unworthy of investigation.

We call on the D.C. authorities to release the investigation information, release the autopsies and grant the bodies of these children a proper burial.

E.V. Osment is Vice President of Communications at Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America.

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