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‘Authoritarianism Is Exciting’: MSNBC Guest Attacks Trump, Describes GOP As ‘Hate-Driven’

An MSNBC guest attacked Republicans and former President Donald Trump as “hate-driven” Friday, saying that the “authoritarianism” he claimed they backed was “exciting.”

“It is certainly better to be someone doing your day job and doing things like the litany of policies you just described than to be someone who’s a criminal paying hush money to a porn star and inciting insurrection against the United States,” Anand Giridharadas said on “Morning Joe.”

“The concern I have is, in a post-nightly news, 60 million people watching the same thing, post-Walter Cronkite media reality, breaking through is the existential challenge of any political movement that wants to do anything,” Giridharadas continued. “And when you’re up against a Republican Party that is increasingly authoritarian and hate-driven, we know that hate gets the blood up.”

Trump surrendered Tuesday to be arraigned on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records charges, and pleaded not guilty to all charges during his appearance in court. Bragg secured a grand jury indictment against Trump Thursday in a case centered around a $130,000 payout to porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016 in return for Daniels signing a non-disclosure agreement during Trump’s successful run for the White House.

“Authoritarianism is exciting, it has a galvanizing quality to people. That’s why it’s so dangerous. And democracy, the everyday stuff of democracy is kind of dull. It’s supposed to be dull,” Giridharadas said. “The CHIPS Act is supposed to be dull, but make people’s lives better. The Inflation Reduction Act has a kind of dull name that was supposed to underplay what it’s doing.”

“I think if pro-democracy leaders do not understand how to command attention and compete with the spectacle of Trumpism, they’re going to be in real trouble,” Giridharadas added.

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