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White House Unaware of Assault on Atlanta Police


I was embarrassed over the blank stare on Karine Jean-Pierre when asked for the White House comments on the weekend assault on the Police Training facility in Atlanta, Georgia. I was also enraged more than embarrassed. The Press Secretary responded that she, and the White House, were unaware of the assault. Are you kidding us? Is the White House staff on vacation every weekend like the President? Is there a news blackout at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue from Friday until Monday?

A group of 23 camouflaged and armed assailants threw Molotov cocktails, rocks, and other injury-causing projectiles at police and into the Cop City Compound. The Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, dubbed ‘Cop City’ by its opponents, is a $90 million, 85-acre training space, according to the Atlanta Police Foundation. The facility includes classrooms, a shooting range, a mock city for “burn building” and “urban police” training, and a course for emergency vehicle driver training, according to the city. Officials said the remaining 265 acres of the property, which until 1995 served as the Old Atlanta Prison Farm, will be preserved as “greenspace.” Much of the facility is under construction.

Groups have been protesting the facility since 2021 with the intent to stop the construction. Only 2 of the 23 arrested are Georgia residents. The remainder are from states in the Northeast, Canada, and Europe. The 23 are being arraigned today on charges of Domestic Terrorism. With so many having no ties to Georgia, one can only hope they are all held without bail. If released, these people will flee, never to be seen again.

The attackers claimed to be in the area to attend a music festival and participate in peaceful protests against the Cop City facility. I am not sure I have ever attended a concert in fatigues, tactical armor, and Molotov cocktails in my backpack. This is the story they are sticking with.

The fact that Karine Jean-Pierre was able to disavow any knowledge of the incident is telling and concerning. This gang was an international contingent bent on hurting Police officers and destroying a Police training facility. There is no excuse for the White House staff, including President Biden, to be ignorant of this story. KJP looked foolish and inept to have to plead ignorance to the question. It is concerning why Biden does not show concern for incidents involving Police officers, but, then again, his actions of late domestically support the America Last philosophy many accuse the President of having. Then again, maybe it should be expected now, and the President has yet to visit East Palestine, OH, the scene of the toxic railway spill. Out of touch or apathetic? You be the judge.

There are many reasons why Joe Biden needs to step up his game. He has been absent when he should be front and center with some of these national events. His doctors tell us the President is in perfect health, but only a week later are removing cancer spots from his body. He has yet to announce he is running for re-election and the rumblings are getting louder that he will not. The First Lady had a terrible response when asked to comment on Nikki Haley’s idea of means testing every President over 75 years of age. She called it absurd and would never be discussed. Over 60% polled disagree with the good Doctor Jill. And finally, the heat is being turned up on Hunter Biden and Joe is surely tied to many of Hunter’s sins. The cards are getting stacked against Joe Biden, and maybe he should just call it a day and be satisfied with a one-term Presidency.

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Ray Cardello

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  1. Quite frankly, this White House is unaware of a lot of important details, like: Why our nation should take responsible measures to preventunimpeded immigrant flow into our nation, the endless flow of drugs, including fentanyl into the U.S. from south of the border; the involvement of the Chicoms in the flow of drugs into the U.S., the involvement of the ChiComs in U.S. education institutions, etc., etc.

  2. How can ol’ Joe “just accept” a one-term presidency when he was never elected in the first place? There’s still a LOT more to be exposed…

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