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Administration Treats Ukraine Like Vacation Destination


We will know for sure that there is something in the works when Mayor Pete shows up in Kyiv, standing next to Zelenskyy as fake bomb sounds blast in the background. He should be there soon to ascertain what must be done to solve the pothole problem in Ukraine.

We have watched a parade of Biden’s team making the long trip to Ukraine; far more than have gone to East Palestine. Let’s look at who has cashed in on frequent flyer miles to have a photo op with President Zelenskyy.

Nancy Pelosi: This visit by the outgoing Speaker feels like Cher’s farewell tour. Nancy is no longer in a power position, so what could she possibly have to offer Zelenskyy? There have been rumors about funds being funneled from Ukraine back to the Democrat Party. Could she be there to ensure those funds are credited to the correct account?

Jill Biden: No reason for this waste of jet fuel.

Joe Biden: Joe made this surprise visit and had a chance to try the Ukraine rail system. He could have hopped the Delaware to D.C. Amtrak. He does have the master key! He claims he was there to make sure Zelenskyy knows the Americans will sacrifice everything to keep sending billions to Ukraine. It would be nice to know where some of the taxpayer money is actually going. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so.

Attorney General Merrick Garland: There has to be more to the story. The official line is that Garland is researching the case for war crimes against Russia for their invasion of Ukraine and crimes against humanity. This is the AG who said that the people creating havoc against birthing centers are not caught because they cannot be seen at night. The AG wants to take a shot at Putin on the stand. Maybe he should start with Hunter and work his way up the chain.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen: In the day of electronic banking, Yellen thought it was essential to deliver a $1.2 Billion check and assure Zelensky that $8.8 Billion is yet to come. Ukraine is a long trip for a photo op, but when your country is single-handedly bankrolling the Ukraine government and military budget, getting the signed 8×10 is essential.

Finally, a group of Senators went to Ukraine to show the American people that this bottomless piggy bank being emptied into Zelenskyy’s account was bi-partisan. Mr. McConnell was joined by Senators John Barrasso of Wyoming, a member of his leadership team and the Foreign Relations Committee; John Cornyn of Texas, a member of the Intelligence Committee; and Susan Collins of Maine, who sits on both the Intelligence Committee and the Appropriations Committee, which oversees government funding. Both sides are stealing from Americans for Ukraine.

This dog and pony show to Ukraine is certainly reinforcing the America Last philosophy that many people feel. We all could use some attention from one of these parties if we were to give them the keys to the Oval in 2024.

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