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White House Cannot Even Let the Dogs In


We know they are inept. We know they have chosen diversity over competence. We know that they are reactionary, not proactive. But these people are in the Executive Office of the greatest country on earth. Don’t we deserve the best staff in that office? Absolutely, but we are settling for F-Troop or The Bad News Bears. They shoot down $12 weather balloons with half-million dollar missiles, but the massive, deadly train derailment in East Palestine is not severe enough for attention. They pledged $500 Million to Ukraine for pensions and social programs while our military families live on food banks and EBT cards. This is a crime against Americans.

Let’s look at some current events and how Biden and his team responded. Biden and the Pentagon claim they were aware of the Chinese Spy Balloon before it entered the U.S. airspace. Why wasn’t it shot down immediately? Once it was identified as property of the CCP, it was in violation of our sovereign airspace and should have been blown out of the sky. Instead, it was allowed to traverse the continental U.S. and directly over twenty of our most sensitive military bases. We claimed we did not know what was in the payload but that we had jammed any possibility of the airship communicating with China. Hogwash. If you don’t know what you are dealing with, you cannot defeat its technology. Not until it drifted off the South Carolina coast did the Air Force shoot it out of the sky. The Administration took so much heat that the next few balloons detected were shot down immediately. We don’t know what we shot, but we obliterated it anyway. Brilliant. To disguise the failure of this activity, the Biden team blamed it all on Trump and his ignorance of balloons over America. Everyone involved with the Trump administration and Pentagon disputed Biden’s claims, but too late. The message was delivered.

Pete Buttigieg finally arrived at East Palestine, Ohio, this morning. Three weeks after the crash, the Transportation Secretary graced the good people of this town with his feckless presence. He is bringing no solutions to the table, but he is getting plenty of photo ops with his reflective vest and hard hat. The only reason he is there is because he was upstaged by former President Trump and Tulsi Gabbard, who visited East Palestine yesterday. Biden has no plans to visit. Reaction, not pro-action, and no solutions.

Finally, this one should have been a no-brainer, but everything is challenging for Biden and his team. It is customary for professional and amateur sports champions to be invited to the White House to spend time with the President. Not so for the back-to-back college football champions, The Georgia Bulldogs. They were not invited in 2022 or so far in 2023 until yesterday. That was until FOXNews covered the story yesterday. The cat was out of the bag, and miraculously the invitation was extended to the Bulldogs. I wish they would RSVP; no thanks, we are all set. The snub has no viable reason, but any explanation would be fiction. Again, reaction, not pro-action.

We have some critical situations on the horizon. China and Russia are getting cozy, China is ramping up pressure on Taiwan, and the Russian spring offensive is close. None of these need a reaction, and the Biden Team better get ahead of the story, but nobody believes they are capable.

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Ray Cardello

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