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‘Starve The Red States’: Keith Olbermann Calls For ‘Economic Civil War’ Against Guns


Former MSNBC and ESPN host Keith Olbermann called for blue states to wage “economic civil war” against red states in order to “starve” them into submitting to gun control.

“We are owned by guns, and therefore there is only one way to stop the mass shootings. It is to suffocate the businesses that make billions of dollars in profits off guns, to destroy the gun lobby, the death lobby, and the Republican Party that defends those lobbies and those businesses,” Olbermann said in a video posted to Twitter. “And the only way to do that is an economic civil war.”


“The blue states have all the money, they must starve the red states into submission or another 600,000 Americans will be murdered in the next 10 to 12 years,” Olbermann continued.

Olbermann’s comments came after a shooting at Michigan State University that killed three students and wounded another five, according to local police. The suspect, 43-yesr-old Anthony McRae, was previously arrested in 2019 on a felony gun charge, but was allowed to plea-bargain to a misdemeanor, the Detroit News reported.

President Joe Biden called for renewing a ban on certain semi-automatic firearms in the wake of the shooting, even though the suspect did not use a firearm that would be banned. Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan also hinted at a push for more gun control laws during a Tuesday press conference.

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  1. Disgusting!!! They’re are conservatives who live in blue states which uphold our second amendment rights even though our governor doesn’t I guess you want to starve all of us no matter where we live Move to a country that believes as you

  2. If red states are so disgusting to blue states, lets just separate and see which side goes bankrupt first.

    1. Good one! Most are teetering on bankruptcy already. If it was up to the blue states, we would all be speaking Chinese already. Maybe they should move to that Utopia!

  3. Obermann should instead blame the Judge and criminal justice system and the democrats for letting the attorney plea down to a misdemeanor. Blame Soros for all the weak DA’s he has hired. And as for starving out the red states he should look at the condition of the blue states who are self destructing. The red states should just succeed from the Union and forbid any democrats from their red states. It won’t take long for them to look like our southern border trying to get into red states. Obermann is a moronic ignorant troublemaker who is always like the chicken in the henhouse always squawking the loudest and none of the other chickens waste their time with! Be careful what you ask for Keith. You might get a real Civil War and the red states have more weapons and know how to use them than the loud mouthed democrats do. You would run and hide and sh#t your pants if it came to that!

  4. Statements like this is more proof that liberalism is a mental illness. Blue states cannot wage anything because many are on the verge of imploding and the ones that do not will continue to hemorrhage people, businesses, and tax revenues.

  5. Please remove the image of Keith “Superwhiny-Twit-Man” Olbermann from your front page. I hate seeing that first thing.

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