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The Infiltration Of Woke/Progressive Policy Weakens Our Nation

Lately this poor nation has had numerous investigations into the actions of a sitting president, and the most memorable of these investigations has been performed by administration lawyers or the DOJ investigating its own president. The problem with the increasing woke/Progressive influence being imposed on our nation is that the legislature should be investigating issues involving the president, not his own administration.

Formerly in this great nation the national press corps was anxious to report an issue involving either political party and make it widely known. But now they spike any scandal on the Democrat side and perform a 24/7 running dialog about how guilty a Republican politician is.

In the past the FBI would jump on any political crime and root our wrong-doing on either side of the aisle. But for the last two years Hunter Biden has been able to live free even though the evidence against him seems to be a slam-shut case of at least tax evasion, if not more serious crimes. Similarly, Hillary Clinton skated after she destroyed thirty cell phones that certainly held information that would have put her in jail, but the FBI refused to pursue her. And Joe Biden has been able to strut around like a big shot even though he’s broken federal law by allowing millions of illegals to invade our nation.

The old Twitter platform allowed itself to be pressured to cancel and remove anyone contributing information or opinion that the Biden administration and the FBI didn’t like, even if that opinion was obviously true.

The completely untrue and unsubstantiated warming/change, green boondoggle we’re experiencing has been used to completely re-order the lives of Americans by declaring gasoline to be a threat to the health of Americans and the world, thereby allowing the Biden administration to use executive orders to change the way Americans live.

Biden’s press secretary has proven herself to be an idiot while carrying the Democrat’s water for them and reading her responses to press questions from written texts given her by the woke/Progressive Biden administration.

The radical leftist scheme of insisting that LGBT-HUA persons are mistreated and need special protection and selective set-asides for them only, has become a scandal. And the federal government calling white males the greatest threat to the welfare of America is asinine.

The treason that was committed against Donald Trump with the FBI participating in a frame-up of him, his family and his supporters is outrageous, but no one has gone to jail for it so far, and probably never will.

The treatment of the numerous people, innocent or guilty, who have been charged in the Jan 6 fiasco at the Capitol building is unforgivable. And this entire incident was created to cast a shadow on Donald Trump in an attempt to keep him from running for President again. And while trying to get to Trump, the fools in the Democrat-run House of Representatives have destroyed the lives of many people who were likely guilty of no crime at all, while the rioters, arsonists and murderers who burned cities from Seattle to Baltimore during the summer of 2020 get no punishment at all.

Progressive, Marxist/ Leninists have had a fatal influence on many foreign nations, while woke/Progressives are too often having a fatal impact in America, and these criminals must be brought to justice now that the house is run by Republicans, who know right from wrong.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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