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Dem Reps Claim Oversight Of FBI Is ‘Attacking Law Enforcement’

Democratic Reps. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts and Adam Schiff of California claimed Tuesday that a special subcommittee to oversee the FBI was an attack on “law enforcement.”

“Republicans claim to care about law enforcement, but this new committee is about attacking law enforcement. It’s about going after people,” McGovern said in a speech on the House floor that took aim at former President Donald Trump. “It’s about destroying people’s careers and lives. It’s about undermining the Department of Justice, defunding the police and settling scores on behalf of the twice-impeached and disgraced former occupant of the Oval Office.”

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy agreed to establish a Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government under Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio as one of multiple measures in a rules package passed Monday that won over Republican holdouts who opposed his bid for speaker.

“It’s not a ploy when the Department of Justice treats parents as terrorists,” Jordan said during the debate, adding that “dozens of whistleblowers” came to Republican staffers on the House Judiciary Committee. “This is about the First Amendment, something you guys used to care about.”


“The FBI is now a bigger force in American elections than any single group of voters. This cannot continue. It is poison,” Tucker Carlson said Jan. 3, discussing the FBI’s involvement in the now-discredited Steele dossier and its interaction with social media companies.

Documents provided to journalist Michael Shellenberger revealed the FBI paid Twitter almost $3.5 million to reimburse the social media company for time it spent responding to the agency’s requests. The documents showed how the FBI contacted Twitter about potential leaks targeting Hunter Biden prior to an Oct. 14, 2020 report by the New York Post on the contents of a laptop Biden abandoned at a computer repair shop.

Schiff claimed that the committee looking into the FBI’s involvement with Twitter and surveillance of Trump’s 2016 campaign for president would be a “body blow to national security” in remarks during the debate.

“This investigation, this investigate the investigators committee, will do deep damage to our national security and only breed distrust with our national security professionals who will be reluctant to share with Congress the information policymakers need to protect our country,” Schiff claimed. “The committee will also seek to discredit law enforcement like the FBI who are so important in the fight against domestic violent extremism.”

Jordan did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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One Comment

  1. The FBI may be corrupt beyond repair. The FBI and the DOJ are now provably weaponized against the political opposition. Someone please tell me how that is any different from how the Stasi in East Germany operated or the KGB in Russia. There are never any consequences for Democrats but Republicans are subject to dozens of highly publicized FBI SWAT style raids, indictments, and even jail time. There were no consequences for the head of the FBI and dozens of his agents who, in collusion with Hillary Clinton and all the Democrats and all the mainstream and social media lied about a fake “dossier” and instituted a failed “Special Prosecutor” and two unsuccessful impeachments to oust a duly elected President. No consequences for Hillary deleting subpoenaed documents on her illegal server. And no consequences for Hunter flying around the world with his Dad on Air Force 2 making illegal “pay for play” deals worth tens of millions with hostile foreign powers, especially China. Our President is effectively an agent for the CCP. Deals that his Dad lied and said he knew nothing about, even though he got his 10% cut and can be seen meeting with Hunter’s business partners.

    Of course, now we know that the FBI told Facebook to bury the Hunter Biden laptop story and gets private information from Facebook on conservative users in return. Twitter met with the FBI weekly (and got temporary “top secret” security clearances) to decide what stories to label as “disinformation” and also conspired with the FBI and all the Democrats and all the mainstream media to bury the Hunter Biden story to throw the 2020 election. It’s all beyond belief, it’s beyond corrupt and it’s blatantly illegal. Unless there are some consequences the “rule of law” is dead in America and I don’t see any way back from these levels of corruption, deceit and subterfuge.

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