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The Corrupt, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Biden Administration Keeps Harming America and Disregarding the Constitution

The Biden administration is forming an anti-free-speech alliance with Apple with the intention of denying the downloading of the Twitter App from Apple’s App Store, which act of sabotage would bankrupt the Twitter platform. This is just another example of the accumulation of power via government corruption exhibited by the Biden Administration, as free speech is attacked openly in Joey‘s woke, constitution-hating world.

The Biden administration is also denying oil companies the right to drill for oil by shaming financial institutions into refusing to loan them money for the drilling and extraction of oil that Americans need for their cars and homes. The ridiculous, anti-capitalist ESG ratings that are assigned to financial institutions could destroy these companies if any financial institution loaned money for the purpose of discovering and extracting the evil, dirty oil that lefties so-hate. As a result of Biden’s nefarious work, the corrupt collusion of woke government and the bureaucratic ESG ratings are preventing much-needed oil from being extracted on U.S. soil. So as a result, America suffers with a shortage of oil, while Biden begs for oil from Communist dictatorships and Arab totalitarian states. So while the Biden administration insists that there will be no more drilling on American soil, they beg the Arabs and the Venezuelans for their oil, which is dirtier than our own domestic oil and is excavated using less environmentally-sensitive extraction methods. The stupidity of this situation defies explanation.

While the Biden administration sits back and watches the Chinese beat and imprison their citizens who are demonstrating against the draconian CCP lockdowns related to covid, Apple is denying Chinese citizens the Apple App called Air Drop, at the insistence of the Chinese government. This App would allow the citizens of China to communicate with each other without using the corrupt Chinese telephone network which is monitored by the Communist government to prevent its citizens from opposing its totalitarian rule. But the Biden administration is so corruptly in the back pocket of the Communist dictators that our government says nothing of this travesty against Chinese citizens seeking freedom from dictatorial rule.

For a change of topics involving our illogical government, the Biden administration sits calmly in its woke passivity while men compete in women’s sporting events, keeping young girls from successfully competing in their own events and furthering their education and careers.

America’s borders are out of control with millions of illegals invading our nation each year due to the Biden administration reversing the successful Trump policies that halted the flow of illegals. As a stop-gap method of at least pretending to control this mass invasion, U.S. Air Marshals are being re-assigned to the border areas to help the Border Patrol document the persons illegally entering our nation and to baby-sit the children crossing without supervision, when any sane administration that really cared about criminals and drug pushers entering our nation would complete the wall and refuse entry to anyone lacking legal documents. And, of course, this idiotic reassignment of Air Marshals by Biden means that, now, air travel is less safe and secure because the Air Marshals are now on the border and not monitoring aircraft passengers and keeping air travel safe. Does the fool Biden not believe that people who wish ill for America don’t realize the new lack of security that air travel now has, and the danger it presents to the traveling public?

While Twitter was in the hands of its woke former owner (Jack Dorsey) and was colluding with Biden’s woke government to keep conservative opinion off its platform and thereby restrict free expression, Biden was good with that silencing of free speech. But now that Elon Musk owns Twitter and has sworn to return truly free speech to its users, the Biden administration is in the process of destroying Twitter by denying its App to be down-loaded from the Apple App store, as mentioned earlier in this piece, and by siccing the IRS, OSHA, the NLRB and other government entities on the company and encouraging woke companies to no longer advertise with Twitter, all of which are corrupt, leftist methods of destroying free speech in spite of a constitution that makes free expression a natural right of Americans.

What’s a government good for if it can’t, or won’t, protect the rights of its citizens, and express concern and support for the citizens of foreign nations who are suffering at the hands of an evil Communist government?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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