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Unfortunately, Biden’s Woke Policies Have Been Wildly Successful

One can remember a few years back, when the leftist press criticized Rush Limbaugh after he published an article hoping for the failure of Barack Obama’s leftist policies. CNN and other such rags went berserk claiming that Rush wanted America to fail by undermining Obama’s administration. But Rush was correct in his assertions that if Obama’s far-left ideas were implemented, America and Americans would suffer, because his ideas were and are contrary to the functioning of a peaceful, prosperous and constitutionally free citizenry. But it’s understandable that our leftist media thought that if Obama failed in his attempts to Fundamentally Transform America, the nation would fall apart. After all, Obama claimed that he could halt the rise of the oceans.

Recently (on November 22, 2022) I heard a well-meaning Republican House member once again say that Joe Biden’s policies have been a failure. He was talking about Biden’s policy of keeping our southern border open, but his choice of words were less than specific and he missed Biden’s reason for opening the border: Biden wanted the chaos that the millions of invaders crossing the border has created. He wanted the crowding and poverty and crime that these millions of people will create, and in that light, his policies have been completely successful.

Language is very important in dealing with Democrats. Biden wants millions of new Democrat voters to enter our nation illegally, who will then become dependent on government for their food and housing and will forevermore vote for Democrats to keep the goodies flowing. And his plans have succeeded, in spite of the damage done to America and to existing American citizens who will have to pay the bill for supporting millions of additional people on the dole, and will have to suffer for the thousands of wanted criminals and outright terrorists Biden has allowed into our country with this mass of invaders. One cannot argue with the notion that Old lunch bucket Joey has been successful in creating chaos and disorder with his border policies, with his inflation, with his shutting down of the Keystone pipeline and causing the price of gas and diesel fuel to skyrocket, his supply-line crisis regarding all goods needed by Americans, his forced masking, his lying Green New Deal, his forced vaxxing (even though what the left calls a vaccine is really just a pre-contraction therapeutic, taken in case you catch the Wuhan virus at a later date).

Biden’s Democrat party thrives on chaos, because chaos and uncertainty causes anger and fear, and that causes people who are unable to think clearly for themselves to want more government protection against the threatening forces out there (like the dangerous and unwashed Ultra-Magers) which in turn gives Democrats more power to control every aspect of America’s life.

Our nation is in the clenches of a woke, violent, America-hating raft of leftist fools, and with some of the lame Democrats who were elected to office in the 2022 mid-terms, I don’t see any relief coming to save us any time soon.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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