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Trump Likely to Announce Whether He Will Run for President Next Week

Former President Donald Trump made it clear that he intends to announce something at a rally next week. Either he will announce plans to run for president in 2024 or become the GOP king-maker by not running for the White House.

The “announcement” of an “announcement” is typical of Trump. It’s impossible to know if he’s going to run, going to announce support for another candidate, or just announce the midterm election results.

Most hope he will firm up his position as king-maker and continue supporting the best the GOP has to offer while defeating Mitch McConnell’s subjects. But, a large cadre of Trump die-hards hopes he will announce his third run for president.

Trump recently walked back his derogatory reference to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who is, by all measures, the most popular GOP figure since Ronald Reagan.

So, will Nov. 15 be about Trump’s third run for the White House or his legacy as a king-maker, party builder, and savior of the working family?

Only Donald Trump knows that.

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One Comment

  1. I love Trump and consider him one, if not the most, accomplished President in our history; especially considering the lying, unhinged opposition he faced for four years.

    However, that said, he doesn’t know how to pick his battles and his ego is so big that he engages in snarky or even vicious attacks whenever anyone has the slightest disagreement, or even for no reason. His dig at the greatest Governor in the U.S. was totally uncalled for. Earlier this year his attack on Kelly Ann Conway (for an imagined sleight), who was one of his most trusted, ardent, and persuasive spokespeople for four years, is case in point.

    His other “blind spot” has been in picking the right people in key positions, not just on the basis of their expressed allegiance or who most strokes his oversized ego. His pick of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General and then Bill Barr are the most glaring examples. Imagine what accountability and house cleaning could have happened at the DOJ and the FBI with an aggressive Attorney General, instead of what we got (nothing) with get along RINO’s.

    DeSantis has displayed none of those issues. He fights with the ferocity of Trump, but is far more articulate and persuasive in his speech and never wanders off track or off point as Trump has the propensity to do. His sending of 50 illegals to Martha’s Vineyard has brilliantly shone a national spotlight on the libs hyperbolic hypocrisy. There is no other governor that has had the cojones to fire a Soros prosecutor for not upholding the law, or has had the strength to take on a Goliath “woke” corporation like Disney. Further, his cabinet in Florida has been rock solid; especially his Attorney General and his equivalent of Surgeon General; who always spoke against the Draconian COVID hysteria. DeSantis has a Military and Legal background which will be invaluable in fighting the now entrenched treasonous Democratic opposition. So in 2024, it’s time for Trump to pass the torch to a much younger fighter, avoiding any party infighting. Clearly DeSantis is the better choice.

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