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“The Only Thing We Have To Fear”… Is Government Itself

FDR had it almost right when he made the statement rephrased above, prior to World War II. And at the time he was correct in his position that one should fear a tyrannical government, and oppose it.

But in today’s world our greatest fear is not only of government in general, but specifically of our own government and the tyranny it is creating, with unequal treatment under the law, an FBI that attacks anyone critical of the Biden administration, the despotic Democrat establishment of leftist mayors and governors, and a woke set of federal bureaucrats who lie about simple biology and the way the sexes interrelate.

America has always feared foreign governments: England prior to the American revolution, the Germans during World War II, and the Russian government always. But with the woke, despotic administration of Joey Biden, we citizens have come to fear our own domestic government more than any foreign foe intent on harming us.

This mistrust of our own government is a dangerous thing to happen to a democracy that is forced to trust that our elections are fair and that the outcomes reflect the actual votes of the people. But here we are, in spite of warnings of a possible “one person, one vote, one time” calamity, and a further warning that we are only one administration away from a dictatorship in which the next president will allow no opposition to his autocratic rule. We must end the hold Democrats have on our information, our energy supply, our mobility and our economy in the upcoming mid-term elections.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Michael Savage said long ago that “Liberalism is a mental disease” and it seems that now the Democrats are almost cult like in their adherence to ridiculous dogma over common sense and logic; I.E. abortion until birth, men and women are social constructs, men can get pregnant etc., etc.. While many obviously support these insane notions; focusing on them alone ignores the underlying motives of the Democrats, which are even more nefarious.

    The bottom line is that the Democrats want to be in power in perpetuity and the CCP is their working model. First, like the CCP they know they must control the media and silence the opposition. So now they have a successful “cabal” with the mainstream and all the social media and have weaponized all the government (the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the IRS and even the DOD) against the political opposition. Secondly, they know that they can’t overtly elect a Socialist/Communist president (i.e. Bernie Sanders) and they also know that they must have the support of “crony capitalists” because they can’t produce anything and watched millions starve under Mao in China in the fifties. Since Mao passed China has been increasingly successful because they have allowed a degree of entrepreneurship and Capitalism as long as the businesses bow to the CCP. The Democrats, who used to be the party of “the working man” are now the party of “Big Business”. Why? Well, if the CEOs of big businesses go “woke” and support them financially, then the Democrats promise to be “hands off” on their tax breaks, their monopolies and, most importantly, provide them all the cheap labor they could possibly dream of through our completely open border. So the goal is to crush the middle class and rule us by a conspiracy of elite Democratic politicians and their compliant Big Business oligarchs. Almost destroyed by the draconian COVID lockdowns, the middle class will be completely destroyed by ever increasing inflation and “Green” mandates. The poor are already government dependent. Then we will be a country of just two classes; the rich Politicians in collusion with their big business cohorts and the poor masses that will own nothing. Just like any other Socialist/Communist state in history.

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