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As The Nation Crumbles, The Buck Is Not Allowed To Even Reach Biden

A very respected Democrat president, Harry Truman, once said that “THE BUCK STOPS HERE“, meaning fault would be addressed at the Oval Office for any problems in his administration. But the Biden administration will accept no blame for anything, even those things that can be traced directly back to Joey’s idiotic orders and policies.

Biden is so removed from any Buck Stopping that he accepts no responsibility for the invading immigrants at our southern border. In fact the official position of the Biden administration is that the border is firmly closed and controlled with no problems that they know of, although people are dying at the hands of the drug cartels and children are being trafficked and killed as a result of the stupidity of Joey Biden and his insistence on reversing every successful policy of Donald Trump, who had a firm hold on illegal immigration and cartel workings along the southern border during his presidency.

Joey is also not aware of any problems with his hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan in which more military personnel died than in President Trump’s last full year in office. And he knows of no American citizens who were left behind by his idiotic withdrawal.

The dithering Biden is also unaware of the diesel shortage which threatens the shipping of food throughout the United States, which lockdown will starve many American citizens and cause long-lasting suffering and misery to our nation. But Joey can get to his favorite ice cream shop, so he knows of no problems that should concern him.

And Joey sees no connection between his woke insistence that police forces be defunded and the unbelievable increase in crime that America is experiencing, especially in Democrat-run cities and states.

But one buck that does stop at the Biden family is the millions of bucks the family earns from China and various other nations for the influence-peddling they do for interests contrary to the well-being of Americans.

The entire Democrat establishment, from state legislatures, to state governorships, to the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, must be cleansed of Democrats in the November, 2022 mid-terms or there is no hope remaining for American prosperity and liberty.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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