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Tucker Carlson Calls Out MSNBC Hosts For ‘Open Racial Hostility’


Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted MSNBC hosts Joy Reid and Tiffany Cross Wednesday evening over “open racial hostility” expressed on their shows.

“Have you watched MSNBC lately? Likely you haven’t. Like the Tutsis, you’re not the target audience, but you should tune in some time. It’s remarkable,” Carlson said, after discussing the 1994 Rwandan genocide. “Given that opposing racism is America’s national religion, it may surprise you to learn that open race hate forms much of the substance of that channel’s programming. When we say race hate, we’re not referring to the subtle, coded variety. ‘You want border security? You’re giving your kids piano lessons? You like Shakespeare? You believe in the SAT? You must be a racist.’ That’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about the kind of race hate you cannot mistake for anything else, the kind where people come out and announce, ‘I hate this race of people, and here’s why I do.’”

Reid hosts a weekday show at 7 p.m. Eastern time on MSNBC, replacing Chris Matthews in July 2020, while Cross hostsa Saturday morning show on MSNBC, taking a slot Reid previously held.

“It’s hard to believe that anything like that is happening right now on American television, but it is, out in the open,” Carlson continued. “The most amazing and most creepy part of all is that no one is saying anything about it. It’s all but ignored and honestly, we had no idea it was going on either until we started getting texts from people, ‘Are you watching this, can you believe this?’ So we tuned in. Apparently on the left, what you’re about to see is considered completely normal, even good.”


Carlson then played clips of Cross making statements about white people, including that they “turn violent” if they don’t get their way, then questioned what the board of directors for Comcast, which owns MSNBC, thought of the comments.

“Is there anything worse than white people? They’re violent. They’re heartless. They’re cruel. They’re deranged. They’re secretive, they’re dishonest. In fact, as you just heard Tiffany Cross say, white people are a mortal danger to you and your loved ones,” Carlson said. “They threaten your life. Are they poisoning the wells? Are they baking bread with the blood of your children? If not, according to Tiffany Cross, they’re fully capable of doing those things. They’ve certainly done worse. This is Hutu radio, but it’s not an independent radio station in an African country, it’s part of one of the biggest news organizations in the world, part of the biggest telecommunications country in the United States, Comcast, which owns it.”

Carlson played more clips of Cross, this time going after white women, who the MSNBC host claimed were “enablers” of “dangerous domestic terrorism.” Cross also claimed “civil war is here” while guest-hosting for Reid on Aug. 18.

“It’s always wrong to reduce people to the color of their skin, to their melanin content, their DNA,” Carlson said. “It’s even worse to attack them on the basis of that. In fact, it’s the basis of violence, actual violence, actual violence.”

“We could read excerpts from Tiffany Cross’ book, which are brimming with racial hostility. We could play you a million clips from Joy Reid, which are exactly the same, filled with open racial hostility. You get the point, and if you don’t believe it, tune into MSNBC,” Carlson said. “It’s not about that channel or those hosts, it’s about a society that thinks that’s OK.”

MSNBC did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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  1. Why is this ok? I was raised where there was a large black and Vietnamese community. Never once saw any white racist acts. The only racism I did see were constant attacks on white and vietnamese people. You took a chance just going to the bathroom in school.

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