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There is a Connection Between the Education System and Military


The last two years have seen a dramatic change in our military. Donald Trump rebuilt our armed forces after the Obama Administration had decimated them with severe funding cuts. Joe Biden has picked up where Obama left off. We have the worst Secretary of Defense ever in Lloyd Austin, who is far more concerned with a WOKE military than a robust national defense.

We have a very unique military that has relied on volunteers to fill its ranks since the selective service and draft was stopped in 1973. The Vietnam War ended, and the Army was not in good favor with most Americans. We have always had a supply of patriotic men and women who have stepped up to protect their country, but that has changed. Every military branch is seeing its lowest recruitment rates this year. Something has changed, and I feel it is a collection of different factors.

For decades, the United States military stood for patriotism and toughness. These were two traits that appealed to a lot of young men and women. They answered their nation’s call and sacrificed years to keep the rest of us safe. Over the last two years, they have seen a change in our military, specifically the Army. The new administration is more concerned with WOKE and may be turning away young patriots.

From recruitment ads that feature young gay women to the lowering of physical standards, the macho image is changing. Lloyd Austin is more concerned about provisions for transgender recruits and enforcing the vaccine mandate than making sure we have the finest fighting machine in the world. Young people who thrive on discipline, training, and toughness will have to look elsewhere. It is not in this Army.

These potential recruits also witnessed the embarrassment of Afghanistan and the needless deaths of thirteen young men and women. Not only do young recruits want to be part of a group that only has one mission; to win and never leave a brother or sister behind. That is not what they see.

The other intangible is the impact on our young people by our education system. We grew up with patriotism, respect for the military, and love of this country. In today’s schools, from the first day of class in kindergarten, our children are now taught to hate their country and its past. History and patriotism are not taught, and the culture is not nurtured. Teachers are turning their students off to the idea of America being the greatest country on earth and how lucky they are to enjoy the gifts she gives us. Instead, they are taught to curse our past, destroy connection to our history, and believe that radical Democrats will lead them to a better future. It is a philosophy that is not only leaving our military depleted, but destroying our future. Our children have no connection with America, are not being prepared for the future by our schools, have no motivation for hard work, and expect to be supported and coddled forever. It is not a sustainable recipe for a healthy society. We need a reversal of philosophy quickly, as recruits are not keeping up with those leaving the service.

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