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The Trifecta of Social Media: Parler, Truth Social & Twitter & LinkedIn Censors

Will Musk be able to put Twitter back together again? will Kanye West deliver on his pledge? What about President Trump?

Parlement Technologies just announced that it has entered into an agreement in principle with Ye –  formerly known as Kanye West to acquire the Parler platform. The acquisition ensures Parler a future role in creating an uncancelable ecosystem where all voices are welcome.

According to Parler CEO George Farmer, “This deal will change the world, and change the way the world thinks about free speech. Ye is making a groundbreaking move into the free speech media space and will never have to fear being removed from social media again.

Meanwhile, the FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid added fuel to Trump’s Truth SocialThe average number of app downloads per day from Aug. 8-15 was more than five times the number the previous week. President Trump said that as a result of the raid, Mar-a-Lago got $5 million in free advertising

Recently, Elon Musk suggested buying Twitter at his original price, after backing out of a $44 billion deal to acquire the company saying the Twitter acquisition is an accelerant for the everything app. Musk has said he wants transparency and the use of open-source algorithms, and change its business culture.

This trifecta of social media accelerates the need to answer the questions we previously asked;
Will Big Tech transform itself into a free speech digital square using open-source algorithms & stop monetizing hate & division?

If the initial news that Elon Musk had offered to buy Twitter sent mainstream media, Big Tech, China, the DNC et al in a tailspin, how will they react to the Trifecta?

Will Columbia University and the Pulitzer Prize Board, stop giving Pulitzers for Fake News, like they did when they gave Pulitzers to the Washington Post and the New York Times for the Russian Hoax?

Consider that just last week. LinkedIn censored more of my posts than Facebook, Twitter, Gab, Parler and  Truth Social combined, for similar content:  In fact, not one of my  posts was censored were censored, other than from LinkedIn  Unlike the GOP, I am not complaining, just stating my observations: A business must do  what it’s clients demand, otherwise it will soon be out of business. In fact, this LinkedIn censorship thing might be good, right?  Implies that someone is reading your posts, right?  In fact, I am doing better than the Ninth Circuit;  80% of the Circuit’s decisions end up being overturned by the Supreme Court Justice.  I am doing 50-50.  I have appealed all the censored posts and about 50% have been overturned. So digging a little, it turns out that the LinkedIn Censorship is inconsistent:  The same content blocked in one thread, is allowed in another.  The offending posts fall in six categories: Voter Fraud,  Criticism of  Gates/NIH/COVIDDNCAbortion, Teachers UnionsChina 

You may recall that Big Tech promised to democratize the world by offering free Internet. But it quickly carved out silos and started to monetize hate and division According to Pew Research, In the USA,  a small minority of users create the vast majority of tweets from U.S. adults. 70% contain misinformation and most of these users are Democrat. The bigger the lie, the bigger the engagement Twitter then uses flags as call to action, deep scanning and bots/flags to throttle  the opposition Not to mention coordinated inauthentic behavior.  LinkedIn has other distinct actors, not as prevalent in other platforms like The Hall Monitor – They will typically write something like” this post doesn’t belong here, take it to Facebook” if they see something they do not like.  Then there is the Fanatic, including religious and political. Their, void of reason, spew hate.  One of my posts censored by LinkedIn was in response to a Fanatic who started calling the state of Israel Theo-Fascist, Terrorist nation, for example

The majority of LinkedIn users reside outside the country, so its not too surprising to see posts with no so much love for the United States.   The posts from Jean-Francois Le Drian is in response to   my observation that his original post read like Russian propaganda and suggested that the CIA memo warned Europe about being to dependent on Russian Energy.  President Trump reminded the EU of the memo and he was ridiculed

Other LinkedIn actors include the Left Fielder: Comes in from the left field, completely different subject.  There’s The My Ball, My Game, My Rules.  Do not challenge his posts lest you want to experience his full wrath. There is the  Advertiser not unlike those in other platforms,  often has editorial control and will block users who are critical or who may impact the company’s sentiment analysis. Often the advertisers are allowed freedom to misinform such as promoting cannabis, gambling, vaccines, etc. Then there are the  Mind Benders – people who use logical fallacies, for a number of reasons – trying to persuade, rhetorical to encourage people to think a certain way or believe certain things, or most often, because they do not know better 

So far last week, I have come across a number of LinkedIn actors:  those who claim to care for Muslim suffering in India, those who claim to care about human rights but disregard the subjugation of women in the Middle East and Africa and dismiss the suffering by Ethiopians, the near extinction of the Rohingyas, Uyhgurs. SriLankan and the annihilation of  Native Americans.

The power of Big Tech and Social Media:  With all the talk about propaganda and misinformation, on  social media, it would be very simple to just unplug. But that would be a mistake and increase the Social media Gapt 64% of LinkedIn users are whites, more than 16% of Hispanics, while African Americans were at 6% while others were at 14%.

Social Media played a big part in the 2016 elections, and will continue to do so. I said earlier that I ma not complaining about LinkedIn censorship. Unlike the GOP. You may recall that the GOP overrode Trump’s Defense Bill veto giving Big Tech power to do as they please- now GOP whine because they are being canceled one at a time. Here is a different example of the power of Social Media : Yue Vang victimized more than 1,000 young girls in Minnesota and beyond through a vicious sextortion scheme. Using popular social media apps to prey on his victims, Vang’s manipulation began with compliments and expressions of flattery, which quickly turned into threats and extortion,” He got 40-year prison sentence. We should note FBI Directors FBI Christopher Wray specifically called out LinkedIn “Now, as an aside, I would be remiss if I didn’t note that we see an awful lot of Chinese intelligence outreach on social media, especially on LinkedIn” said Wray

So what happens after the Social Media Trifecta? Will Musk be able to put Twitter back together again? will Kanye West deliver on his pledge? What about President Trump? If You believe Pew, nothing will happen. According to Pew Research, Big Tech monetizes hate and division. Covertly leans ProChina and AntiUSA, its algorithms reflect such bias. In short, Big Tech and Twitter are diametrically opposed to Musk’s desire for a free speech digital square free of bots and to use only open source algorithms. According to Musk: “Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated.”

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