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Maybe We Need a Fentanyl Memorial Wall


How can we get the attention of Joe Biden and his Administration to the crisis of Fentanyl poisoning? We are losing 100,000 Americans per year to Fentanyl Poisoning. It is now the number one cause of death for 18-45-year-old Americans. This death toll does not appear to be enough carnage to raise an eyebrow behind Biden’s aviator glasses.

I called the Fentanyl situation a crisis, but there are more accurate terms that may be more impactful. Fentanyl is actually a terrorist attack by the Chinese government that condones the manufacture of the poison and allows it to be shipped to Mexico. In Mexico, the drug is processed into tablet form, including the newest form resembling Skittles candy and targeting a younger clientele. Should Fentanyl have every American’s attention? Absolutely. Why not?

The reason I mentioned the Wall is to draw a comparison between the American loss of treasure in Vietnam and the yearly loss to Fentanyl. We erected a beautiful black marble wall to memorialize the 58,000 Americans who died in the Vietnam Conflict. Maybe if we memorialize the Fentanyl War, it will be looked upon differently. These are the death counts for the major conflicts involving the United States.

Looking at other wars in which the U.S. was involved, the loss of life during Vietnam falls somewhere around the middle.
Civil War: 498,332
World War II: 291,557
Vietnam War: 58,220
World War I: 53,402
Korean War: 36,574

Over the past two decades, nearly one million people have died of drug overdose deaths. Still, most of those deaths in recent years have involved dangerous synthetic opioids like Fentanyl. This data means we have lost more Americans to drugs than in all wars since the Civil War combined.

To be fair, this assault on America is over twenty years old. Republicans did little to stop the carnage, although Trump did work to secure our Southern Border, which slowed the Fentanyl deaths, but it was not enough. We must get proactive and start treating Fentanyl as a terrorist attack on our country.

Biden has to shoulder most of the blame for the last two years, but he has company, and they deserve to be called out for their failure. Kamala Harris was named the Border Czar in March of 2021. It is safe to say, at this point, that she has no interest in visiting the Southern Border. She also does not plan on doing anything to secure our Border. It no longer exists, and anyone who wants to come to America can simply walk on in.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas has done a dismal job since he was confirmed. He has done nothing to enhance our security, but it is what he says that gets under our skin. He refuses to acknowledge that we have a crisis at our Border even though as many as four million illegals have entered our country in less than two years. He insists whenever asked that the Border is secure. Stop lying. We have eyes, and we have at least one network with drones giving us the real story.

We don’t need to go through Karine’s part in this misinformation effort. She is the epitome of misinformation. What we do know is that this Administration will not change its stance so we need to do it for them. Starting in five weeks, we need to change the balance of power and then get behind a DeSantis / Scott (Tim) ticket in 2024. These two will destroy anyone the Dems can pull out of the weeds to displace Biden on the ballot.

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