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Here’s All you Need to Know About Iced Out Chains

Nothing quite takes your outfit up a thousand notches like a stunning chain; whether a thin silver or thick gold neckpiece. But if you’re attending a party, then you need to go all out and get an iced-out chain.

If you have never heard of the iced-out chain, it is a hip-hop chain that epitomizes everything hip-hop fashion is about. Iced-out chains have also made it mainstream, so nobody says you must only wear them to parties.

Let’s talk a bit about iced-out chains. 

The term iced out chain has been linked to hip-hop origins because of the popularity of Vanilla ice’s “Ice, Ice Baby” song in the early 90s where the term “ice” was used to describe diamonds.

Since then, when you add diamonds to something, the slang says you have iced it out. Therefore, an iced-out chain is a necklace covered in diamonds all around. Now, let’s get into the types of iced-out chains. 

Choosing the right ice

There are many types of iced-out chains to choose from, and they all have their different perks. Let’s explore them based on the diamond type and chain type.

Diamond Type

We’ll begin with the diamond because it is the most attractive part of the chain. The diamond quality can be assessed based on clarity, cut, carat, and color, and they also affect the appearance and cost of your chain, especially the cut and carat.

Cut describes the shape of the diamonds, which is responsible for the charisma and personality it delivers. For instance, round-cut diamonds are more traditional and classic, while emerald-cut chain delivers a contemporary style.

Feel free to experiment until you find the perfect cut for you. For instance, the 5mm Round Cut Diamond Tennis Chain 18k Gold.

After the cut, the carat is another thing to look into, and it describes the size of the diamonds. Generally, the bigger the diamond, the more impact you make on people around you. However, you’ll also need to have smaller gemstones to deliver the iced-out feel, such as you find on a 12mm Diamond Prong Cuban Chain.

Chain Type

The metal on your chain supports the diamonds, but it will also be noticeable to people, so you need to ensure that it is up to standard. 

Using a gold chain as a base metal delivers the royal vibe. When you ice out your gold chains, you are recreating the hip-hop trend of the 80s and 90s and creating a beautiful contrast with diamonds that always turn heads.

The Icing on the Cake

There is a lot of positive rep associated with the iced-out chain, and if you get yours, you can rest assured that you’ll be seen as someone who deserves respect.

A perfect iced-out chain is fully covered in diamonds from front to back and top to bottom. With diamonds that look like ice cubes and a beautiful base chain, you can rest assured that an iced-out chain is just what your outfit needs.

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