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‘Dumber Than AOC’: Watters Criticizes NYC Councilwoman’s For Inability To Combat Crime Crisis

Fox News host Jesse Watters went after a New York City councilwoman Thursday evening for her suggestions to combat the rampant crime crisis.

“Democrats don’t even want you to have access to police, but they won’t hesitate to call for help the second they are in trouble,” Watters said. “Like New York City council member Tiffany Caban, who refers to her as both queer and an abolitionist which, according to what we can find, means she wants to see police, ICE, courts, and cages defunded so that everyone has a safe place to stay, food on the table and healthcare. Okay. So they are looking to abolish cops, prisons, borders and courts. She has been doing a hell of a job because she certainly hates police.”


Caban released a “public safety guide” on Twitter Sept. 27, which included suggesting that a person deal with a potential conflict by “spilling soda,” or having local businesses discourage them from calling police officers.

“We’re distributing them to local businesses, so our neighborhood is equipped with better ways of solving problems than simply summoning police every time a challenge arises,” Caban said.

Watters went through a series of videos Caban released, during which she apparently slammed police, called for closing Rikers Island and suggested it would be better to call mental health professionals than police most of the time.

“I think we finally found someone dumber than AOC,” Watters said, referring to the Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “She wants to get rid of Rikers Island, which has some of the most dangerous prisoners, so, where do they go? They go back out on the street? Good idea. Good idea. Maybe she is just worried they are not getting enough sunlight.”

“Does she care more about dangerous criminals than she cares about regular, law-abiding citizens?” Watters asked. “That would be yes.”

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