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Armageddon Requires Strong Leadership – Conservative View from New Hampshire

Misspeaking is a tremendous problem for this President. I am not talking about the situations where Joe Biden has been picked up by a “hot” mike and dropped four-letter expletives like he was in a locker room. I am referring to the President describing the nuclear situation we are facing with Russia and Ukraine as Armageddon. He said this is the closest America and the world have come to nuclear conflict since the Bay of Pigs. Unfortunately, if this claim is true, we do not have JFK in the Oval Office. We have JRB vacationing in Delaware. It took Karine Jeanne-Pierre a couple of days to walk back the President’s statement. That act should not make us warm and fuzzy.

KJP has as much credibility as JRB. That is not much. Just this week, Karine was emphatic that the White House had no plans to withdraw any additional petroleum from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Less than twenty-four hours later, Biden announced another ten million barrels to be withdrawn. Do these two ever communicate with each other?

Neither option is a good one for Americans. First, Biden should be calming the American public. He should not be using hyperbole, as Jake Auchincloss (D-MA) said in defense of Biden’s comments. Auchincloss went on to say we have been enjoying superior leadership from Joe Biden. What planet is he living on? Oh, that’s right. He is from Massachusetts. If he misspoke, then the President should have clarified his comments. If he stands by his words, why is he relaxing in Delaware and not in the Situation Room, working to assuage the global situation? Apparently, to Joe Biden, the potential nuclear option by Russia is tantamount to the Border Crisis, record high gas prices and inflation, and the country now in a recession. None of them warrant concern or action. That is not superior leadership.

The world’s bad actors were licking their lips on January 20, 2021. Donald Trump held these regimes at bay. Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran did not dare to act up while 45 was in the office. With Biden, it is a different story. They know that Biden is weak, and they are all testing his resolve, and they are winning. It is inevitable that Putin will dip into his arsenal to save face and reverse the momentum in Ukraine. Success is the only option for the Russians.

Biden is negating our strength on the global stage. He is weak with some of our foes and is groveling with Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela to fill the gap in our petroleum supply caused by his bad policy decisions. This is so concerning for Joe that he is in Delaware for another weekend of peaceful repose. Americans would like one of the weekends but have not had one since Biden took the oath.

By the way, the Secret Service responded to a Freedom of Information Request this week about the people who have visited Joe Biden during the forty weekends he has spent in Delaware. They claimed there were no records to disclose. For the most transparent administration in history, what are they hiding? There is no way that Biden has not seen anyone during these weekends, but that is the story they expect us to believe. They can expect it, but they will be disappointed. Nobody is buying the word of the Secret Service, which appears to have joined the list of compromised government agencies. Washington needs a deep cleaning. We can all agree on that.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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Ray Cardello

I love this country and what it has contributed to the world. We are a young and still forming country but I have very conservative views that make me fearful for the direction many want to see us heading. I believe we are strong enough to keep us on track but making folks aware of the truth is essential to a successful and prosperous future for us all.

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