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Considering All Of The Political Lies Democrats Have Told Us, Why Should We Believe The Lie Of Warming/Change?

The slew of lies Democrats have told the American public these last few years is vast. Presented below is a list of reasons to not trust these lying fools any longer:

Democrats created, spread lies about, and then investigated Donald Trump for years for the wholly fabricated crime of colluding with Russia.

Democrats lied about Trump’s misbehavior in office with two fabricated impeachments.

Democrats lied to America about the ineffective practice of masking during the covid years.

Democrats lied about the Wuhan “vaccine” actually being a vaccine and not a before-the-fact therapeutic.

Democrats lied, claiming that voters who were required to produce proof of their identity in order to vote were submitting to racism.

Democrats intentionally lied about the deadliness of the Wuhan disease by imposing an economic lockdown that destroyed our economy and negatively impacted the lives of many children.

Joey Biden likes to assure us that the very expensive gasoline we are now buying is the fault of the drillers and the refiners. Joey is obviously brain dead and has forgotten that he halted the KeyStone pipeline and most drilling on federal land as soon as he hit the Oval office.

Democrat leftists like to tell us that electric vehicles pollute less than gasoline-powered cars, but they don’t understand that a BTU is a BTU, whether that BTU comes from a coal-powered plant to charge an electric vehicle or from a gallon of gasoline made from oil.

The Democrat lie of a “closed” border really rankles Republicans, because after criticizing Trump for four years for building a wall to keep illegals out of our nation, Kamala Harris now states that the border is secure under Biden, but that the problems we see every day on the border are Trump’s doing, which is just another lie. The millions of people illegally crossing the border are the result of Biden’s halting all of the Trump policies that were working to protect our border while Trump was in office.

Biden also lies when he remains silent about the drug Fentanyl that is being illegally carried across the border, which Biden asserts is securely closed to illegal traffic, but this dangerous drug is killing thousands of Americans each year, and Joey doesn’t even care.

The Afghanistan retreat by American forces was both an insult for America and a personal tragedy for those who were trapped in Afghanistan when Biden prematurely ordered the retreat. But to hear our president tell the tale, it was the most successful military decision in recorded history.

Democrats lied to us about the ferocity of the inflation that the Biden administration has imposed on us with his big-government spending initiatives.

Since the late 1960s Democrats have lied about the rising oceans resulting from melting icebergs, threatening weather patterns based on planet warming and warning us of five-years-to-this-catastrophe and ten-years-to-that-environmental-disaster, none of which has happened. And now we’re in the predicted twelve-years-to-doom (due in 2030 per AOC and Bernie Sanders) and we’ve seen absolutely no temperature increase in the past four years since their dire warning was issued. But if we follow the green plans that the radical left has presented to us, we’ll all live like paupers forever by giving up the benefits of life that the left will deny us, and the population of the world will die in misery while the nut-case Democrats celebrate their successful environmental plans.

And last but most important to every individual is the escalating, out of control crime rate, especially in Democrat-run cities and states. After watching America burn from far left Democrat rioting in 2020, Democrats went on a defund-the-police campaign, which resulted in an increase in crime and misery throughout America as criminals were allowed to run wild in our streets. And now the lying Democrat position on crime is that Republicans were the ones in favor of defunding the police forces in America, not the criminal-loving Democrats. If Democrat mouths are moving, they’re lying.

So why should we believe the obvious lies of warming/change, when we know that this is just a ruse for Democrats to gain dominance over the lives of all Americans and forever assure their rule over us? Americans must vote these fools out of office in November.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. It is no coincidence that each and every year Earth Day falls on the SAME DAY as Vladimir Lenin’s birthday. The so-called Green Movement is actually the Red Movement and ALL of of its zealots, activists and foaming-at-the-mouth democrat climate change-mongering lunatics are either Communists, really stupid useful idiots, OR BOTH!

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