What Free, Innovative Industry Creates, Government Taketh Away

The beauty of capitalism is that people can get rich by providing enjoyment and comfort for another person or persons. Doling out enjoyment and pleasure is a rare thing in this world, and it only occurs on a large scale in Capitalist nations.

In America corporations and individuals alike have followed the Capitalist ethic and become wealthy and comfortable by providing goods and services to customers and employees. But now we’ve begun seeing socialistic government bureaucrats move in and create their own form of wealth through assured government positions and by forcing select industries out of business due to unacceptable ESG ratings. The Biden administration outlawed oil drilling and other practices normal to a free, prosperous and happy nation, via his coercive ESG measures and forced Ford and General Motors to spend billions of dollars establishing electric vehicle assembly lines that no knowledgeable person really wants or will likely buy after the woke shine wears off of them.

The air conditioning that so many people value highly in July and August is threatened by the political left’s ESG standards, because wind and solar power, both of which are an important part of ESG ratings, will not support the drain that air conditioning puts on the electric grid, and Biden’s plans are to eliminate coal and natural gas power plants in the very near future.

And the dirty little secret is that even our current electric grid, with its BTU-robust coal and gas-powered generators, cannot support a new and growing plague of electric vehicles and their power-sapping charging stations. Wind and solar power, which the idiots in the Biden administration have planned for us, will absolutely not support massive additional EV charging stations, but will cause either power outages altogether, or brown-outs and black-outs like they‘ve had in Democrat-run California for years, and a combination of all three is possible as demand overcomes production.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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