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It’s Time To Bring Down The Church Of Climate Change Once And For All


When you look at climate alarmists, there are really only two options: they either don’t know what they’re talking about, or they’re lying.

The “Little Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf’”-like cries of “existential threats” brought on by climate change would be hilarious, if it wasn’t for the disastrous impact from misguided actions to “fix” the problem. However, the fable about a youngster fabricating an emergency time and again isn’t that far off from today’s climate-change evangelists; they both need to recognize their stories are quickly losing credibility.

In my home state of Alaska — along with the rest of the Arctic — we’ve heard warning after warning about warming. Look no further than just last December when the warming warning of two to four times more quickly than anywhere else in the world was sounded throughout my state. 

If we have learned anything over the past two years, it’s that the experts don’t always agree with “the science.” In fact, when it comes to their own warming warnings, they don’t even agree with themselves. Here’s a sampling of their recent wolf cries, see if you notice a pattern:

  • “Australia is Heating Up Faster Than the Rest of the World!” reads the story’s headline in Popular Science.
  • “Africa is Warming More, and Faster, Than Rest of World” is the finding from a report published on com.
  • “China Heating Up Twice as Fast as the Rest of the World!” a headline from ChinaDaily reads.
  • Even Israel wants to get into the act. “Israel Warming Up Almost Twice as Fast as Rest of World, Data Shows,” according to Ynet News.
  • And if the Arctic is warming two to four times as fast, what about its often-forgotten opposite? “South Pole Warming Three Times Faster than Rest of Earth” declares Phys.org.

Here’s a question to ponder: If everything is warming faster than everywhere else, is anything warming faster, or is it all bogus? Is the “data” supporting each of the claims above legitimate, or are the facts and figures deliberately being skewed?

The “climate cult” — those who can’t accept the benefits to mankind since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution – is attempting to control human activity under the guise of a pending climate catastrophe.

They’ve watched life stop under the threat of COVID-19, with people around the world giving up freedoms of movement, association, personal choice and individual expression so that a global pandemic could be thwarted. Who can remember “two weeks to flatten the curve?” Who still bristles every time they’re told to put a mask on in stores, hospitals and public buildings?

If it worked for COVID, why wouldn’t it work for another global “threat,” especially one that climate evangelists preach could end life on Earth?

The environmentalists orating the threat of climate change must keep hyping up their cause; one amplified by left-of-center politicians, academics and media outlets. Without repetition and continual warming warnings designed to keep the populace on edge, they risk rational people will one day react like they did with the boy who cried “wolf” time and again.

Again, it would be laughable if not for the terrible results. We are suffering under rampant inflation that is fueling a man-made recession. Our most important supply chains — tech, military, health and energy — all run through Communist China, with little being done to change that trajectory. All in the name of the green dream.

Now is the time for Americans fed up with incrementally losing our freedoms, our place of world leadership and our national self-reliance to stand and fight back. It is time for mayors, state legislators, governors, members of Congress and everyday citizens to push back on the fear-over-facts narrative being driven by the Church of Climate Change.

It’s time we turn up the heat.

Rick Whitbeck is the Alaska State Director for Power The Future, a national nonprofit organization that advocates for American energy jobs. Contact him at [email protected] and follow him on Twitter @PTFAlaska.

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One Comment

  1. Does anyone really believe that the “inflation reduction act” will reduce inflation with hundreds of billions more of spending, government regulation, and “Green New Deal” slush funds such as 47 billion for “environmental justice”. We have just watched all of Europe, after decades of shutting down their nuclear and coal fired plants, become slaves to Russian oil and gas. In fact, they are now funding Putin as we send endless billions to Ukraine. It’s Insane and it’s even more insane that we would want to go down the same “Green New Deal” rabbit hole after watching its massive failure in Germany and all of Europe.

    Now they will double the size of the IRS, (for a mere 80 BILLION) adding 87,000 armed agents. Do you think they need to do this if there will be no more taxes on anybody making under $400,000? Democrats are so blinded by their ideology or by their stupidity that they have no idea what’s coming Everyone will pay higher taxes to fund the government’s endless money printing. They won’t even be able to get the tax credits the government promises if they buy electric cars. There’s a “Catch 22” provision in the bill that says they won’t get the tax deduction unless the car’s primary components are made in the USA. Of course all the computer chips and components of the lithium battery come from China or Taiwan. It’s all a scam and, in the end, it just gives more control and power to the government to ensure that you are compliant; just like the CCP.

    Wake up America. Our Republic is on its last leg.

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