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‘Happening In District After District’: Rufo Drops Explosive Claims About K-12 Indoctrination

Journalist Chris Rufo made explosive claims about indoctrination in public schools during a Wednesday night Fox News appearance.

“They’re taking radical gender theory from the universities, they are injecting it into the elementary and secondary school system with the intent of destabilizing people’s identity to make them into radical gender activists,” Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, told Fox News host Sean Hannity. “It’s something that is happening in district after district and it has to be stopped.”

Rufo outlined teacher training materials in the San Diego Unified School District in California and claimed that school were teaching “that girls can have penises, that boys can have vaginas” to children “as young as first and second grade.” Rufo mentioned that schools in Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon, were pushing similar materials.


“It’s not just theoretical for these kids,” Rufo said. “The policy in San Diego and in most big-city school districts in California is now that schools can facilitate a child’s gender or sexual transition and the default policy is to keep it a secret from parents. This is a program that runs deeper than the ideas. It’s about transforming how kids see themselves. It’s about destabilizing their identities and then using them as political pawns.”

Rufo also claimed that school districts were not responding to inquiries.

“I’ve reached out for comment for more than a week, they have been dead silent and this is a pattern,” Rufo said. “School districts in the last few weeks, as I’ve been running this series on radical gender theory in K-12 schools, they stay silent, they start deleting documents from their websites. We have to catch them, we have to shine a light, and parents have to get very loud and very vocal.”

The San Diego Unified School District, the Los Angeles Unified School District and Portland Public Schools did not immediately respond to requests for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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  1. Because those of us outside the education sphere are too ignorant to grasp the significance and value of gender theory, we can’t participate in the discussion!

    Elitism vs. parental love and discernment, has no chance of ultimate victory. However, along the way, the elites are going to do some damage to our children. This must be stopped! Non-biinaryism contradicts the natural order and will not stand.

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