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Woke Employees Shut Down ‘Queer-Owned’ Business For Being Insufficiently Woke

A cafe in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, permanently closed its doors after the employees protested the restaurant was perpetrating “anti-blackness, ableism” and “hostility,” according to social media posts from the cafe and its employees.

Mina’s World, known as Philadelphia’s first cafe for queer and trans people of color, closed and was listed for sale due to a lack of funds, an Instagram post showed. The announcement comes after employees of Mina’s World revolted against ownership, calling themselves victims of “systemic employer oppression” and “anti-blackness” from the owners Kate Egghart and Sonam Parikh in an Instagram post on June 14.

The employees listed demands including “public acknowledgment and accountability for grievances and harm caused” in an Instagram post. Once the cafe was posted for sale by Egghart’s mother, the employees’ Instagram account called the listing “violence” and began a GoFundMe to raise funds to buy the building.

The GoFundMe page has raised just more than $11,000 of the total goal of $200,000 as of July 6.

Egghart and Parikh reportedly posted a response video to their employees, which has since been deleted but was retrieved by the Twitter account, Libs of Tik Tok.

“We’re going live as part of a radical accountability process,” Egghart reportedly said in the video. “We’re complicit in the gentrification and anti-blackness on 52nd Street. We put our community at risk with our presence as well as our workers.”

Mina’s World employees later posted information online containing an owner’s personal address. In an “accountability statement,” the workers said the disclosure was accidental and discouraged followers from harming the owners.

Egghart and Mina’s World employees did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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  1. These people are mentally ill. Blah, blah, blah. “The workers of Nina’s World deserve so much more…” WHAT?
    The employees want the owners to “give them the shop?” Really??? Freakin’ hilarious! You’re all insane. These morally bankrupt freaks need to just sit down and shut up.

    Grow up and check in with reality once in a while. Whatever happened to normal and normal people?

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