What Pronoun Do We Use To Address A Person When “She” Has A Penis?

Our nation has gone completely bat-crap crazy under Democrat rule, and our language is under great threat to become simply a mushy babble of noise by the woke idiots in the Biden administration who are responsible for the current foolishness.

It’s one thing to allow biological men to compete with girls and women in sporting events, thereby destroying the hard work of the women competing in the events and undermining their future careers in that event, just because the men are unbalanced enough to believe they are women, but it’s a very different thing to have to refer to these men by using “she” and “her” pronouns when these “women” have a frank and beans in their shorts.

It’s just like the evidently ill Rachel Levine when “she” stated that “she” was proud to be the first woman appointed, by the total idiot Joey Biden, to a high position in the Public Health Service . “She” is a man, who makes a very unattractive woman by the way, and I would suggest that he-she needs the personal help provided by the Public Health Service in which he-she serves, due to his-her confusion about his-her sexual identity. Might a confused person like this possibly identify himself/herself as Jesus Christ and begin punishing people for their sins? Mental confusion about your biological sex could be an indicator of more serious mental issues, and these people could be dangerous to those surrounding them, as well as themselves. This suffering nation must halt the idiot wokeness that’s destroying our nation and our language.

On top of its being factually and physically inaccurate to call a biological man a woman, and aside from it undermining the English language in the process, it’s also confirming the mental confusion and faults of any insane man who wants to be called “she”. This person needs help, not confirmation of his delusion, and one lies to oneself when they make such a false and inaccurate statement.

Wokeness be damned; there is reality, truth and honesty out here in the non-Washington, non-Ivy League world, and we need to be honest and truthful when we address other people, and not feed their mental imbalances and fetishes.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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