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‘Queer All School Year’: Los Angeles School District Forces Gender Theory Into Classroom

The largest public school district in California is teaching a curriculum promoting transgenderism and gender theory to children, according to public documents.

The Human Relations, Diversity and Equity department at Los Angeles Unified School District is using presentations, training programs and clubs to instruct K-12 students on gender identity, according to public documents, first reported by City Journal that include classroom instruction materials and district-sponsored event calendars. The “trans-affirming” curriculum first appeared during the 2020-2021 academic school year.

For example, the district hosted a virtual conference that featured a panel of “queer 7th graders” to advise parents on what their “queer middle schoolers want you to know,” the documents showed. The conference also included a presentation encouraging queer athletes to “come out.”

A workshop on “International Transgender Day Of Visibility” said “history has a disturbing way of elevating certain voices while silencing others,” the documents showed. The presentation focused on raising awareness for the transgender community to achieve “trans justice.”

The “Standing with LGBTQ+ Students, Staff and Families,” run by school administrators taught “local social justice engagement” and gave out free “gender-affirming clothing,” the documents stated. Teachers were instructed how students can be “Muslim and Trans” and taught how to address different “religious objections” to gender theory.

A trans-affirming calendar, deemed “Queer All School Year,” featured different pride events in each month such as the “Standing With LGBTQ Students Conference,” according to the documents. The training program “Queering Culture & Race” and promoted the abandonment of gendered expressions such as “boys and girls.”

“The Black community often holds rigid and traditional views of sexual orientation and gender expression,” the presentation documents showed. “Black LGBTQ youth experience homophobia and transphobia from their familial communities.”

Teachers in the district are instructed to address a student by their chosen name and pronouns, and are not permitted to alert the parents of the student if they change, the documents said. Students were also told they can use any pronouns including “tree” or “ze.”

The school also established a “gender neutral dress code and school uniform policy” as an “elimination of barriers,” the documents stated.

More than 600,000 students attend the K-12 education in the school district that includes more than 115 schools and campuses, making it the second-largest district in the nation, according to the school’s website.

Los Angeles Unified School District did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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