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How Old is Too Old to be President

The forefathers, those brilliant men who drafted our Constitution and were able to foresee issues well into the future, never had to consider a maximum age to hold the office of President of the United States. At the time of the birth of America, the average life expectancy was 38 years, and as wise as these men were, none of them could see someone living into their eighties and still wanting to be President. Joe Biden, or Jill Biden, intends to do just that.

Joe Biden was already the oldest President when he took the oath of office. Biden was 78 in January of 2020, which made him eight years older than the holder of second place, Donald Trump. Joe would be 82 if he were to be re-elected, and many, including the media, are starting to think that may be beyond the scope of reality.

The Constitution puts a minimum age for the office at thirty-five. That was a good decision when you think about the possibility of Congresswoman Cortez running in 2020 when her popularity was at its peak. It is difficult to judge a person’s maturity at thirty or thirty-five but placing a minimum was probably a good decision. It makes the situation cut and dry versus subjective.

Age consideration is more confusing on the other end of the spectrum. People age at different rates, and it is very complex to measure people’s mental acuity or physical limitations as they become octogenarians. There is plenty of evidence to build a case that Joe Biden is not mentally fit for the office as he approaches the eighty plateau. It is unnerving to think of him still in the Oval Office at eighty-six.

Talk about Biden’s age has been prevalent on the Republican side since his inauguration. Recently the Democrats have chimed in, and the chatter gets louder as Biden’s approval ratings continue to slide. It was this week that The NY Times, a cheerleader publication for the President, chimed in.

The New York Times published a stunning report about President Biden’s age and how it’s becoming an “uncomfortable issue” for the White House and the Democratic Party. The headline of the report on Saturday declared that 79-year-old Biden is “testing the boundaries of age and the presidency,” first highlighting how his upcoming trip to the Middle East was initially tacked onto his recent trip to Europe with one anonymous official calling it “crazy” if the President had made a 10-day trip overseas, those aides tell the Times there were “political and diplomatic” reasons behind separating the journey into two. 

There are many reasons that the talk is spreading throughout the Democrat Party and now the media. Self-preservation is probably paramount. If these people and outlets continue to carry Biden’s water, they are complicit in our history’s worst Presidency. Secondly has to be reality. These folks on the Left have to be seeing what we all have been. Biden is not in control and does not have the mental sharpness or energy to maintain a full schedule. His decisions also back up that premise.

There will be no age limit in place before 2024, but Joe Biden will not be on the ticket, and neither will Kamala Harris. The Democrats put their faith in these. Two and were not rewarded for that trust. This has been a disastrous presidency, and neither Biden nor Harris will be prompted to run, and their poll numbers by then should make it a non-decision. Not that low numbers mean much to these two. They are convinced they are doing a great job, and the rest of us are off-center.

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