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Fact vs Fiction: You Decide

I have written many articles over the years. Most were about current events then which have led us to where we are today. I would say that what we do now, as a nation, is critical if we want to maintain our freedom as a Constitutional Republic.

Below I have listed some facts for you to read.  I thought it would be nice to keep things simple; some you may know some maybe not. I have also listed some references to support the facts they are  right below this article.

As the reader you have the choice to believe what I’ve written, or, better yet, don’t believe me.  Seek out the truth for yourself. Decide what is fact and what is fiction by researching both sides of all the issues. After you do your research look at your life, look at the cost of living, look at what is happening in schools today.

If you are still motivated then look at BLM and understand their Marxist agenda, look for the truth behind Jan 6 and see what all the parties involved did or didn’t do.

Look at everything that is happening around you. Look at your city or state, across the nation, around the world with regard to farmers, gas prices, protests, inflation, free speech, second amendment, indoctrination of your children, lies under the disguise of tolerance with literally no support from science and Covid.

Look for answers regarding the invasion at our southern border, but also see who is really getting into our country aside from migrants. Ask yourself why the Biden administration is allowing this, do some research, and see that you, taxpayers are paying for all his bad choices.

Look for answers regarding green energy and the real agenda behind the push. Look for answers regarding the push for electric cars. You will find that electricity runs from fossil fuels like nuclear energy, they are not good for travel, and charging them is not only expensive but also takes hours when you can find a charging station.

Look for reasons AOC and band of merry nut jobs outright lie, have no knowledge whatsoever regarding green energy, and are always looking for ways to get in front of a camera to convince you that they are smarter than you so you must listen and do what they say. They aren’t smarter, but they want you to believe they are and they truly care when they don’t.

Next look at the attacks on God and all religion, family values, and the importance of mom and dad in raising children. Look at fake news and how they all use the same talking points, rhetoric, and so on.

Please don’t believe me with respect to any of this, find out for yourself. What you may or may not know or understand is that none of this is new.  This has been building for decades while you were sleeping. The plan was accelerated by the use of Covid in an effort to see the level of control that could be forced on you. They aren’t even hiding it anymore, they are vocal about what they want and plan to do whether you like it or not.

Sadly, fear has once again proven to be the means to obtain control over the masses; educate yourself so it doesn’t happen again.

FACT: Social media like FaceBook and Twitter stifle free speech and have used their platforms to interfere with elections and push the left-wing agenda.

FACT: Biden and Democrats are incompetent; they are outright liars, they are criminals who are hell-bent on destroying America.

FACT: Biden and the left use taxpayer money (your money) to fund illegal immigration/open borders and their other left-wing ideals.

FACT: Gas prices have escalated because of the Biden administration. He shut down the pipeline and has refused to let drilling continue in the U.S. He blames Russia for high gas prices when it has literally nothing to do with Russia/Ukraine.

FACT: Biden and the left are evil not stupid. They truly believe you are stupid. They are no longer hiding their plans do destroy America its out in the open.

FACT: Electricity runs on fossil fuels therefore electric cars need fossil fuels to run.  Electric cars are not suitable for cross-country trips due to the cost to charge one combined with the inability to find a charging station and so on.

FACT: Biden and left are destroying farms and the livelihood of farmers with fake science and facts. This will cause food shortages. Biden already stated their will be food shortages.

FACT: Unprecedented amount of fires and closures of food processing plants.

FACT: The Great Reset is real and so is the food reset.

FACT: Biden and his far-left Marxist Democrats are responsible for: Supply chain issues, food shortages, formula shortage, recession, southern border invasion, not prosecuting criminals while ignoring rights of law-abiding citizens, high crime rates in cities run by democrats, recession, fake news, fake D.C. taxpayer funded worthless, biased investigations & hearings (which no one listens to or believes. Biased court cases in D.C. (Sussman Trial)

FACT: Biden and his far-left Democrats are responsible for the psychological damage and indoctrination of children due to their bazaar left-wing indoctrination (going on for decades and accelerated now) along with their NON-science based opinions. PARENTS, NOT TEACHERS, are responsible for any sex ed to children.

FACT: American children score low compared to the rest of the world.

FACT: Teachers are responsible for teaching : real/true History, geography, English, cursive, math, science, art, music, etc. and not non-science based sex-education. Stop all the left-wing psychotic propaganda they are doing to children.

FACT: Crime is at all-time high in cities and states controlled by Democrats.

FACT: Biden (deep state) is dismantling the United States of America piece by piece under the disguise of climate change.

FACT: Biden and the far left want total government control over you, your kids and your life.

FACT: There is also a Deep state within the Catholic Church

FACT:  China is the supplier of illegal Fentanyl to the United States.

FACT: Human trafficking, drugs, sexual predators, terrorists, and criminals from around the globe are coming into the U.S. from our OPEN southern border.

Here are some references to support the facts above. You can find a lot more if you choose to look. You can find articles in support of both sides but if you read both sides, then look at the current state of our country then you will know who to believe and what is fact and what is fiction. Mainstream media will not provide you with the truth or even real facts.

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