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‘An Unqualified Disaster’: Tucker Carlson Lays Out International Failures Of ‘Green’ Policies

Fox News host Tucker Carlson summarized how “Green New Deal” policies wrecked multiple countries on his show Wednesday evening.

“The rest of the world has been a lot more eager than the United States to dive right into the Green New Deal,” Carlson said. “So how does that work for them? We can’t say this enough, it has been an unqualified disaster.”

“In the first quarter of this year, just a few years after the Berlin Senate created a climate emergency, renewables accounted for 50% of all German electricity consumption,” Carlson said. “So what happened next? Well, Germany can’t keep the lights on and is very worried about winter coming. As the Washington Post put it, Hamburg landlords are rationing hot water, Berlin may turn off nonessential traffic lights at night. Oh, no traffic lights, that is a civilized country. How’s that working for you?”


Carlson also described how the United Kingdom also suffered after adopting “Green New Deal” policies, saying more than five million people faced “fuel poverty” while Argentina faced “collapse” after it declared a “climate emergency.”

Carlson outlined how the effects of “green” policies in Sri Lanka led to protests that forced the country’s president and prime minister to resign. A ban on chemical fertilizers caused agricultural production to drop 50%.

“How about the Netherlands, a rich country, the world’s second-largest ag exporter?” Carlson asked. “In the name of climate in 2019 the European parliament declared a, wait for it, climate emergency in the Netherlands. So, the government forced farmers there to cut output by 50% because of cow flatulence.”

Carlson noted the result was protests by Dutch farmers that have since spread to other countries in Europe.

“Our leaders are telling us we need the same thing here,” Carlson said. “It’s a climate emergency, it’s code red. You have no choice and they mean it. And you don’t get to vote on it either because they are so for democracy that they are going to force it down your throat with no vote at all. What happens next? Well, poverty, chaos and then the lights go off.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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