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America is in a Woke, Biden Administration Caused, Health and Economic National Emergency

The radical, woke left told us years ago that, due to environmental issues, the seas would soon die and aquatic life would disappear from the earth. It didn’t happen.

The radical, woke left told us years ago that, due to a heating planet, the polar ice would melt and the oceans would rise. That didn’t happen either.

The radical, woke left told us that warming would cause Miami, New York City and Los Angeles to be inundated with the rising seas, which still has not happened.

In November of 2018 AOC and Bernie Sanders told us that the world had only 12 years of existence until total and complete doom, because of warming that would fry the earth and kill us all. We’re a third of the way to that 2030 date and the ending of all life on earth and we’ve not seen any increase in temperatures except for the usual spiking of temps as summer takes its course. At least that‘s the climate condition where I live, and my home is part of the earth AOC and Bernie were talking about. The entire warming/change threat is a hoax and is only intended to create more power for Democrats, at the expense of the citizens of America.

If today’s radical, woke leftists had been alive in the 1930s when America experienced
nearly a decade of excessive heat, crop failures, dust storms and economic depression following the stock market crash in 1929, they’d have declared a weather and environmental emergency and insisted on a government takeover of Americans’ lives, and we’d have missed the current plentiful food supply and economic success we’ve known since then, that has been to the credit of Americans’ hard work and capitalistic freedom to seek liberty and their own fulfillment in life.

Things in nature are cyclical, and the American radical left has for the past 40 years been cyclically predicting gloom and doom and an end to life, whether from disease or the environment, while trying to take dictatorial control of our lives and end our constitutional form of government.

Recently we’ve been through a government-controlled health emergency called covid, which we now know was a weak disease that, lacking any accompanying co-morbidities, caused few serious illnesses and fewer deaths. And we also know that the Biden masking mandates did no good at and that the vaccines that Biden tried to force on all Americans are ineffective, with a growing body of evidence that these still-experimental medicines are actually causing cases of illness, not preventing them.

A few short years ago the nation witnessed a summer of BLM and ANTIFA rioting, killing and looting from Seattle to Baltimore, which illogically resulted in a united cry from the Democrat political left to Defund The Police. So now we have an unprecedented crime wave across the nation because of the police officers who were fired or quit their jobs under the Defund order from the Democrat hierarchy, and there are now too few “evil” police officers to stop the mayhem that is destroying the major cities of America.

And now Joey is on the cusp of edicting a health emergency order, trying to force everyone to buy an electric vehicle, which will simply make family electric bills rise to the level of Joey’s current high gasoline prices and crash the national electric grid, while causing brown-outs and black-outs as his promised sun-power and wind-power fail to keep up with the nation’s growing electricity needs. Joey’s leftist edicts will in turn cause economic destruction and personal suffering for Americans as our nation crumbles before our eyes, because of Democrat tampering where they don’t belong, with things they don‘t understand.

As soon as Biden took office he opened our national borders to the entire world, which has resulted in an avalanche of drugs and millions of illegal foreigners entering the United States, causing untold deaths resulting from the drugs being brought illegally into our country and causing great numbers of children and women to suffer at the hands of the vicious and murderous Mexican drug cartels, and Joey doesn’t give a damn.

Everything Democrats touch turns to crap, and all of their mandates and executive orders lead to death and destruction, with the latest leftist idiocy being that it’s okay for men to compete with girls in sporting events, while insisting that men can nurse babies and give birth to children. These people are stark, raving mad and must be removed from our public lives.

When will Americans tell the radical, woke left to stuff their crazy ideas that only contribute to our current high crime rate and to our inflation and elevated gasoline and food prices, and leave us to hell alone to enjoy life without their destructive advice?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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