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America In The Age Of Stupidity: Joe Bidens Illegal Immigration Problem

America In The Age Of Stupidity: Joe Bidens Illegal Immigration Problem

Do These 3 Things And Illegal Immigration Will Be Solved

Throughout history, we have gone through different ages, The Ice Age, The Gilded Age, and The Industrial Age. Now We Are Living In The Stupid Age, Where Reality, Truth, And Common Sense Don’t Exist. A New Video Every Wednesday

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  1. Biden has many problems, incompetence, corruptions, moral ones, but chief among them is his legitimacy in office. When more than half of our citizens don’t recognize him as legitimate president, that’s his biggest issue. Not to him, since he is dishonest and corrupt, but to us. And so his entire anti-American administration is equally illegitimate. No matter how fake news MSM will spin it, new facts are emerging every day pointing to stolen election.

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